Consent and permission online

This week it’s Safer Internet Week and the children have taken part in lots of activities already.

They have been given an assembly by our very talented Digital Council team and have been learning about the importance of asking for permission, understanding the reply and listening to the answer. Today they played a game, all standing in a circle with a beanbag, they had to throw it to another person by asking for permission. They had a lot of fun and it really got a very important message across.

Personal hygiene experiment

Year 5 have completed their topic on personal hygiene by carrying out an experiment to see where in school the most germs are.

They made their predictions and today the results of the experiment were uncovered.

They were as follows…

The control potato showed no mould at all due to it being untouched by human hands. The potato that was wiped in the flower bed had no mould either, as it was protected by the nutrients in the soil.

The potato wiped on a child’s hands contained quite a lot of germs but the potato with the most germs, was the one that was wiped on the sink.

The children loved the experiment and are now well aware of the importance of washing hands and keeping work areas clean.

Phishing on the internet

This week year 5 have been discussing ‘Phishing’ and how important it is to be safe when using the internet.

Phishing is when companies try to obtain personal information from individuals by methods that are not genuine. The children were asked to look at lots of scenarios where personal information such as: bank details, passwords and addresses had been asked for and had to use their initiative to work out whether the websites involved were genuine. They are extremely knowledgable on the subject and demonstrated a real maturity in discussing their views.

Evaluating materials

Today Year 5 have continued with their project on designing a Viking-style bag. They have evaluated a range of materials to see which are the most suitable to use for the bag. They have decided that hemp would make the most suitable material as it is strong, easy to sew and is authentically suited to the period in time.

Testing fabrics

This term year 5 are taking part in a design and technology project to make a bag, as they would have done in Anglo-Saxon times. They will be testing various fabrics to see which is the most suitable and evaluating their final piece of work.

This week they were practising their measuring skills, drawing lines accurately and having a go at sewing.