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Counting using variables

In Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 5 Kestrels have been learning more about variables in Scratch and how they work in a program.

A variable is something that will change in a program for example, a score or points in a game.

Kestrels worked through some activities to show their understanding. The variable ‘count’ had to count upto 20, count backwards or count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Digital pledge

Year 5 Kestrels have recently had an online safety lesson where they were discussing a digital pledge. The children spent time discussing what different communities they are a part of, before discussing how communities can be made responsible and respectful.

The children all had lots of ideas of how people should behave in a community, for example being kind to one another, listening to every ones opinions and reporting inappropriate behaviour online.

The class ended the lesson by signing around they’re very online digital pledge, agreeing to behave in the right way when online.

Arts Week: Applying grayscale effects using digital media

During today’s digital media lesson, Year 5 Kestrels edited photos they took earlier in the week.

They used photo editing software to manipulate the photos to resemble the same style as their artist for art week – Ansel Adams.

The focussed on editing their photos to have the following features:
– Grayscale (black and white)
– Dark black edges
– Extra white tones in white areas

In yesterday’s lesson, Kestrels found our Ansel Adams is a photographer who works with black and white photos and usually captures events of nature.

Children’s work

Jamie and Callum



Computing workshop

Year 5 Kestrels had a very productive Computing workshop this morning. Parents joined the class to work with them on coding in Scratch. The class really showed their skills, remembering all the key words and knowing how to code.

The children had a fun task of making the sprite (the cat) move around the maze until the route to the apple was found.

Children had to use their skills, of debugging, to ensure the commands they entered, worked.

Thank you to all the parents who attended. It was a valuable opportunity for the children to share their knowledge and work together.

Digital editing

Year 5 Kestrels have spent part of the afternoon finishing off their digital media topic. After taking photos of the school grounds, the and children have been spending time digitally editing these photos. The overall aim was to make our photos look more appealing to the viewer. Take a look at some of the finished pieces below.

Katie’s digital editing


Where to go for help

In PSHE Year 5 have been discussing where to go for help, both offline and online.

We spoke about lots of different help that you could need and where you would go for it.

A lovely idea from Cara was to go to your teddy bear for help. We decided that talking to a teddy bear might be a good way to get things off your chest and this might help you feel a sense of relief.

We then spoke about receiving online. After realising that Mr Baddhan is where we go in school if we need help about online safety concerns. The children have been shown the CEOP website and how to report an incident on here.

They know that they can access this through the school website and have been shown the steps to take.

You can see the CEOP website through our online safety page on our website – click here.

Viking life presentations

Year 5 Kestrels have been spending time researching Viking life using the iPads and various information books. Once their information was collected and recorded in their History books they teamed up with a classmate to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The children loved making their presentations, especially when it came to adding the transitions and animations to their slides! Some of them even included sound.

Today the children presented what they had created. It was really great to see how much hard work and effort all of the children had put in! All groups worked really well together and helped each other through the performance. Well done Kestrels.

Spam fake emails

Today Kestrels have been discussing what spam email is and how you should deal with it. We started off discussing what we thought spam was. The children came up with lots of ideas such as it being something that you receive that you don’t want or someone repeatedly sending you the same message.

We then looked at a scenario where a young boy had received an email telling him he had won a prize. We discussed what the boy had done, why he made those decisions and what he should have done to deal with the email. After discussing these questions we came to the conclusion that you should not open emails that are off someone that you do not know and include suspicious content. The message should be deleted straight away and you should inform your parents or carers.

Online behaviours

Over the past few days Year 5 have been discussing not only how to stay safe on the internet, but also how online behaviours can have an effect on young people.

We started by discussing what things people (our friends and family) do online that make us feel good. From this we had lots of ideas including being sent a nice message, being helped on a game and being complimented on how well you are playing a game.

After this we discussed things that people do online that do not make us feel very good. These were some of our ideas:

• Unkind messages
• Inappropriate pictures being sent/uploaded
• Blackmailing
• Cyber-bullying

We completed 3 different activities all around different online behaviours and how these can have a positive or negative effect on young people. One of the activities included the children thinking of an online good deed that they could do. Some of the ideas we had included sending a nice message to someone or helping someone on a game. We have all decided what our good deed is going to be and we will check in this time next week to see if we managed to complete them!