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Historical weather data in Excel

During Computing, Year 5 Kestrels have been looking at historical weather data using the Met Office’s archive website. The children learned about the closest weather station to Birmingham was Sutton Bonington. They also learned about what the weather stations are used for.

Mr Baddhan introduced Microsoft Excel to input some of the weather data. They were asked to use the sum and average formula in their spreadsheets. They then created various graphs to demonstrate the average rainfall in a specific year.

Times table tests

Year 5 started Wednesday morning by performing brilliantly in one of their regular times tables tests. The class have shown a massive improvement in their recall of their tables facts and knowing the inverse (division). Children’s scores have gone up significantly over the year and the speed of recall from some is incredible. Well done to all of the children for making such good progress!

Creating shapes using Logo

On Friday, Kestrels enjoyed developing their programming skills using Logo. Once the children had mastered making squares, they then set themselves personal challenges. Some used rotation and the repeat function to create patterns with their shape. Others decided to create various different 2D shapes. The children showed excellent critical thinking throughout the lesson, refining their algorithms, to create their desired effect.

Number Clubs

Wow! An amazing number of children that are staying within their club but have passed their test this week:


And a HUGE well done to the following children that have moved up a club:

Wana – Starting on the ‘Magic 100’ club. Well done!

Fractions progress

The children took time today to evaluate the progress that they have made in Maths this term. The have focussed almost entirely on Fractions and have made tremendous progress.

The areas that they have progressed through include:
– Equivalent fractions
– Ordering and comparing fractions
– Finding values between two fractions
– Adding and subtracting fractions
– Multiplying fractions
– Converting between mixed numbers and equivalent fractions

The class are keen to share what they have learnt so have decided to produce some resources which will help other children understand fractions more clearly (and maybe even their own parents and carers).

We look forward to creating the learning resources and hope to post them on the school website in the next few weeks.

Maths challenge

Since the start of this academic year, Friday morning was by far Mr Johnston’s most enjoyable as a teacher and he felt immensely proud of all the children in the class. Seldom, if ever, has he seen a class collaborate so effectively and take complete control of their learning, as Kestrel’s did today.

From a point where they were very uncertain of how they would approach the problem, they quickly started finding pieces of information and using those to find the next piece of the puzzle.

All children demonstrated excellent behaviours for learning (in particular Active Listening, Perseverance and Critical Thinking).

It has been an incredibly positive start to the term and Mr Johnston can’t wait to see the progress the children make in the weeks to come!

Homework challenge

In Year 5 we are experimenting with a different style of homework.

In addition to the usual number facts and spellings that children have to learn, we are sending home an open ended piece of homework. Each piece will only have a title – it is then up to your child’s interests / creativity to take the homework in the direction they wish.

Each week the class will review the work that children produce, with children developing their own success criteria to assess against for each piece of work.

This week’s titles are Arrays and Earthquake, giving children the opportunity to explore the work we have been doing in Maths and Geography.

We can’t wait to see the wonderful work that the children produce!