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Superhero Mrs Sabir!

Today wasn’t a good day. Today was a sad day. Today we said goodbye to Mrs Sabir.

All of the children and adults are going to miss her.

She has helped us all in so many varied ways this year. Not only has she taught us throughout the year, bringing fun to our learning, but she also is always there to listen. If ever we struggle with things in school or at home she is there for us. She listens, offers advice and helps us through our problems.

This year wouldn’t have been the same without her.

To celebrate how brilliant she is, we created our own versions of Mrs Sabir the super-hero.

We really hope to see her again soon. It is good though to know that she will be able to spend more time with her children from now on.

Line drawing

Year 5 looked at line drawings today. We learnt about different pencil types and what effect they could have on our drawings.

The children then experimented with a variety of pencils looking at different effects that can be made.

The effects were easy to see and some soon began to choose certain pencils for their effect.

Mrs Sabir could hear lots of praise being given to each other for their efforts, in their curiosity of the medium, experimenting and practicing.

Well done Kestrels.

Water colour countryside drawings



Last week we were drawing pictures of the countryside using pencils and crayons. This week we have used water colours. We discussed primary and secondary colours and practised different techniques to lighten and darken colours.

We have used most of our behaviours for learning during this lesson including creativity, concentration and perseverance. Well done Kestrels!

Countryside art

After our trip to Stock’s Farm, Year 5 Kestrels have been discussing the beautiful countryside. In Art we were looking at a countryside scene, using different techniques to put together features of a countryside including hills and mountains.

First we started by approximating where the horizon will be and thinking about perspective. We considered the scale and proportion of the trees and hills in our setting.