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Investigating Anglo-Saxon Housing

Year 5 continued with their investigation skills this afternoon and set about finding information on Anglo-Saxon housing.

Their task was to gain facts about how and where Anglo-Saxons lived. Working in pairs gave the children to share their ideas and pool their thoughts together.

Some great facts were found:

  • They made small villages
  • Their homes were made of wood
  • It took about 18 trees to make one home
  • They cleared forests to make their settlements and fields
  • The roofs were thatched
  • They all lived in 1 room
  • They had lots in one home, grandparents to babies
  • They tried to have the homes facing the sun through the day
  • They had a hearth in the middle of the room
  • These were just some of the facts found before they began to write up an advert to sell an Anglo-Saxon home!

Anglo-Saxons information texts

Kestrels have spent part of this week investigating their own questions about the Anglo-Saxons. Following their research, they have then spent the afternoon creating their own information text, completed in the style of their choice. Children thought carefully about how to present the information and have choices include PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and writing / drawing a poster.

The children have worked with great focus throughout, discussing the relative merits of different presentation techniques and evaluating the effectiveness of their choices.

Anglo-Saxon riddles

In keeping with Kestrels’ focus on Learning Behaviours this week and introducing our History topic, the children started the morning by trying to solve some Anglo-Saxon riddles.

All children engaged readily in the task, demonstrating excellent Active Listening and Critical Thinking / Creativity in trying to work out what the riddles described.

The children managed to work out the first two riddles, below, but remain stuck on the third one. Can anyone else work out what the riddle is describing?

Speeches inspired by Martin Luther King


We concluded our celebration of Black history month with speeches inspired by Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’.

Take a look at some of our fabulous speeches. They were written by Kyann, Emily, Chloe and Evan. Well done!