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School Council election

Today the class held the election for their school council representatives.

A very democratic process was set up. All the children that wanted to stand for election put their names forward. Then they individually gave their manifesto (the reasons why they should be voted for). There was a long list of children and a wide variety of reasons they should be voted for:

• I will listen to everyone
• I will work hard to speak up in the meetings
• I will ensure the classes views are heard
• I will be a good role model
• I will represent the class well
• I have done it before so I know what to do

Well we were very impressed with how they stood up and spoke- a great skill in itself.

The children then chose one boy and one girl, secretly.

Mrs Sabir counted up the votes. She was impressed that everyone that stood for election got a vote.

There were two clear winner and showing fantastic support, the whole class applauded the winner.

Our two school councillors are…..:

Nila and Christos

Well done to them both.

The first school council meeting will be early next week and all notices about their meetings will be displayed on a noticeboard in the school.

An eye witness account

Today Year 5 had an exceptionally important visitor!

It seems as though there was a terrible incident in the local area. A “creature” was seen devastating the local McDonalds last night!

A witness to the event was found and Year 5 were lucky enough to interview her for their newspaper reports.

We welcomed Mrs Dolly Butter-Smith into our class and the children began their investigations. They were extremely professional- they introduced themselves and which paper or company they represented. We had reporters from BBC Live, BBC News, First News, The independent, The Bells Farm Bugle, The management at McDonalds and even a worker from McDonalds.

The questions were very probing. They found out lots about the incident: Where it happened, when, why, how Mrs Butter-Smith felt and exactly what she saw. She was a little emotional at times but the Year 5 reporters made sure they gained as much information as they could.

It seems this hideous creature has not been seen since and there is possibly another witness to the event which has not yet identified. Year 5 are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. Any information will be gratefully received.

Investigating Anglo-Saxon Housing

Year 5 continued with their investigation skills this afternoon and set about finding information on Anglo-Saxon housing.

Their task was to gain facts about how and where Anglo-Saxons lived. Working in pairs gave the children to share their ideas and pool their thoughts together.

Some great facts were found:

  • They made small villages
  • Their homes were made of wood
  • It took about 18 trees to make one home
  • They cleared forests to make their settlements and fields
  • The roofs were thatched
  • They all lived in 1 room
  • They had lots in one home, grandparents to babies
  • They tried to have the homes facing the sun through the day
  • They had a hearth in the middle of the room
  • These were just some of the facts found before they began to write up an advert to sell an Anglo-Saxon home!

Spelling Investigation

Today Year 5 carried out their first spelling investigation. They were sorting a list of words into groups in order to spot a pattern. They decided to group words by suffixes such as: ant, ance ancy, ent, ence and envy. The children were then able to see which endings needed to be added to each word. They loved the ‘hands on’ activity and are looking forward to next week’s lesson when they will be tested on their new knowledge.

Telling the truth

Today Kestrels discussed why it is important to tell the truth. They watched a video in which there were a number of situations where lies were told. It seemed after the first lie was told… more lies followed. The children made choices after each situation, deciding on what the characters should have done next. It was an interesting discussion.

The class then noted ideas- it was clear that there seemed to be many consequences to lying:

• It can lead to serious situations
• It is setting a bad example
• You could go to prison
• You could lose friends
• Telling the truth will help people
• Little lies can turn into big lies
• Telling the truth stops you getting into trouble

Well done Year 5, your discussions were very mature and you explored each others ideas well.

Personal Challenges

Today Year 5 have looked back at our Personal Challenges from last week. Almost all of us achieved the challenges we gave ourselves- ‘Being more confident’, ‘Talking less in class’ and ‘Focussing more’.

Some of us are still working on our Personal Challenge as they are on-going but they have made good progress on them… like ‘Working harder on spellings’.

One thing is for sure, the class were very positive about the challenges and encouraged each other with lots of praise for the achievements made so far.

Challenges are just that… a challenge. Take the challenge and persevere>

Well done Year 5 and keep it up.

Positive attitude

Year 5 have started to discuss how important it is to have a positive attitude towards their learning, and to always persevere even when things seems unachievable. The children watched an inspiring video and came up with challenges they feel they could accept for themselves during this week. We will see how the children have got on later in the week.

Paper hearts

In Year 5 this morning we all had a paper heart and we thought of something that had been said to us that was hurtful.

We then scrunched up our paper hearts.

We then tried to flatten out our hearts. Year 5 noticed that they couldn’t be flattened out completely, there were still creases in the paper. We then discussed how mean words will stay with people and they affect our hearts and our feelings.

Anti-bullying week: What makas us different

Year 5 Kestrels started the week with a discussion about what makes us different. In pairs the children spoke about what was the same about themselves and their partner and what was different. These are some of the ideas they had…

Osama: I am a boy and Shayla is a girl.
Isaiah: I wear glasses and Millie doesn’t wear glasses.
Riley: Me and Katie have the same colour eyes.

We finished the day creating anti-bullying slogans and banners. The children all created their own ideas and got really stuck in and creative! We can’t wait to share them in our peaceful playground protest on Friday!