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An eye witness account

Today Year 5 had an exceptionally important visitor!

It seems as though there was a terrible incident in the local area. A “creature” was seen devastating the local McDonalds last night!

A witness to the event was found and Year 5 were lucky enough to interview her for their newspaper reports.

We welcomed Mrs Dolly Butter-Smith into our class and the children began their investigations. They were extremely professional- they introduced themselves and which paper or company they represented. We had reporters from BBC Live, BBC News, First News, The independent, The Bells Farm Bugle, The management at McDonalds and even a worker from McDonalds.

The questions were very probing. They found out lots about the incident: Where it happened, when, why, how Mrs Butter-Smith felt and exactly what she saw. She was a little emotional at times but the Year 5 reporters made sure they gained as much information as they could.

It seems this hideous creature has not been seen since and there is possibly another witness to the event which has not yet identified. Year 5 are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. Any information will be gratefully received.

Spelling Investigation

Today Year 5 carried out their first spelling investigation. They were sorting a list of words into groups in order to spot a pattern. They decided to group words by suffixes such as: ant, ance ancy, ent, ence and envy. The children were then able to see which endings needed to be added to each word. They loved the ‘hands on’ activity and are looking forward to next week’s lesson when they will be tested on their new knowledge.

Writing weather scripts

In preparation for this week’s Computing lessons, Year 5 have been preparing their weather forecast scripts. First we watched a video to give us a better understanding of how to present a weather forecast.

Click here for a BBC weather forecast.

We then looked at key terminology and presenting styles and areas of maps ready for when we use the green screen.

We will present these in our Computing lesson in front of the green screen.

Changing elements of the ‘Zelda’ story

Year 5 have been looking at ‘Zelda’ – the tale of fear written by Pie Corbett. They have loved learning the story off by heart and have changed various elements of the story to make it their own. They can now recite the story simply by looking at the pictures. Next week they will be changing the story completely and applying the skills they have been taught, such as simple short sentences and personification.

Anglo-Saxons information texts

Kestrels have spent part of this week investigating their own questions about the Anglo-Saxons. Following their research, they have then spent the afternoon creating their own information text, completed in the style of their choice. Children thought carefully about how to present the information and have choices include PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and writing / drawing a poster.

The children have worked with great focus throughout, discussing the relative merits of different presentation techniques and evaluating the effectiveness of their choices.

Anglo-Saxon riddles

In keeping with Kestrels’ focus on Learning Behaviours this week and introducing our History topic, the children started the morning by trying to solve some Anglo-Saxon riddles.

All children engaged readily in the task, demonstrating excellent Active Listening and Critical Thinking / Creativity in trying to work out what the riddles described.

The children managed to work out the first two riddles, below, but remain stuck on the third one. Can anyone else work out what the riddle is describing?

Christmas Party/ Mannequin challenge

Kestrels have worked so hard today producing their poems that it was only fair to have an amazing afternoon! Cakes, chocolates, sweets and squash followed by lots of dancing and watching films. But we could not finish the term without giving the mannequin challenge a go. It looks like we also have some professional dancers in the making too!

Mannequin challenge attempt video

Party time for Year 5!

Kyann’s poem

Kyann's poem
Kyann’s poem