Counting in Roman Numerals

Kestrels continued with their understanding of variables in Scratch with Mr Baddhan today.

Today they were shown how to get their sprites to count in Roman Numerals. The children were asked to work out an algorithm to get two of their sprites to count upto ten, one sprite in English counting and the other sprite in Roman Numerals.

The Kestrels were asked to use the variable blocks, repeat and if, else functions in today’s task.

Here are some examples of completed work:




Removing nail polish experiment

Year 5 have had a fabulous afternoon testing which solvents are most effective at removing nail polish. They tested a range of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and ethanol. They had to be very sensible and use the correct equipment carefully. Working together, they recorded their results in a table and discussed their findings. It was interesting to see whether their findings supported their predictions.

Counting using variables

In Computing with Mr Baddhan, Year 5 Kestrels have been learning more about variables in Scratch and how they work in a program.

A variable is something that will change in a program for example, a score or points in a game.

Kestrels worked through some activities to show their understanding. The variable ‘count’ had to count upto 20, count backwards or count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Choose Respect

Year 5 have got off to a flying start this week celebrating Anti-Bullying week. We have been discussing the Anti-Bullying slogan which is…’Choose ‘Respect’.

They have come up with what respect actually means, and have shared their ideas on why people should show respect for others.

They have agreed to show a random act of kindness to someone within the school. Keep your eyes on
the blog as we’ll be listing them throughout the week!

NSPCC & Childline

Today Year 5 took part in a workshop delivered by the NSPCC. They learnt all about the importance of speaking out to protect themselves from harm. They were informed about the organisation called Childline,
that is available to them if they ever need to talk to someone about anything that is worrying them. They learnt all about the various forms of abuse and we’re extremely grown up with their responses.. well done year 5!


We’ve been working really hard in Year 5 on our spellings. The children have been taking part in investigations to put words into groups according to their sounds such as: tough, drought and although. They all contain the “ough” sound yet all sound different. It’s a challenge but they’re Not giving up.