Taking part

Today Year 5 looked at why it was good to take part.

There were lots of excellent ideas.

Most people thought it was a good idea whereas others thought it depended on whether the activity was safe, worth it or if it made them uncomfortable.

They went on to discuss how perseverance is important and making mistakes is just another way of learning.
Well done Year 5.

Calcium carbide investigation

Year 5 Kestrels continued their investigations on chemical changes this afternoon.

They reviewed yesterday’s experiment and discussed how alcohol makes paper burn easily but water stops paper from burning.

Today they investigated how some changes result in the formation of a new material.

Calcium carbide was added to water. We could see that there was a production of bubbles, smoke, fizzing and then when it was lit there was a pop and a huge flame.

Tiny particles of carbon cake floating down from above us too.

More Peer Mediation training

Year 5 Kestrels had their second session of Peer Mediation trainer this afternoon.

They played some great games to make their listening and thinking skills even sharper.

The game of 1234 was great to make everyone think about how they could ensure a set person won the game by being the last person standing. Miss McClelland was impressed as she said she had never had a group that managed to get it right on the first attempt!

Well done Year 5.

The class had to think about finding out more information about each other again too.

The session was a lot of fun and they are looking forward to next weeks session.

Chemical changes

This afternoon Year 5 Kestrels were looking st chemical changes again.

They looked at three beakers with clear liquids in them.

When a piece of paper was immersed in the water it was set alight. The class observed what happened.

With beaker A

Nothing happened…

With Beaker B…

The paper caught fire quickly.

With Beaker C….

There was a flame, which went out after a few seconds, but the paper did not burn.

Lots of the class thought there was water in the beakers but there were other ideas: gasoline, acid and contact lense solution…

They found out that there was water in the first beaker, water and ethanol in the second beaker and a mix of water and ethanol, with some salt, in the third beaker.

Solutions changed what happened to how the paper burnt…

They will Investigate further.

Cricket Coaching

Year 5 Kestrels had their second session of cricket coaching today. They started off with a warm-up learning how to effectively carry a cricket bat whilst running, this is by carrying it and rocking it like it is a baby.

They then practised hitting a cricket ball and catching a cricket ball in their teams, rotating which role they were doing.

A game of cricket then gave the Kestrels a real chance to show off their skills! I think we are going to have some fantastic cricket players in Year 5 Kesterels!

Video: Poetry performance

Year 5 did brilliantly this morning, performing their poem as part of World Book Week.

They performed “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

So much effort was put into learning their lines and making sure their voices could be heard clearly by everyone.

We were very proud of Jamie for learning his line after being away most of last week and Jake who was put on the spot at the last minute to deliver an extra line!

True teamwork Year 5.

Well done to all the year groups.

Disagreeing and agreeing

In PSHE, Year 5 Kestrels have been discussing what it is like to agree and disagree with people.

They had various different statements to discuss and agree or disagree with in their pairs. One example was ‘Children should not watch television’. The children found it very hard to disagree with this statement but they managed to find a reason as to why they should disagree.

They then discussed how disagreeing makes you feel and how we can disagree with people without hurting their feelings. The children decided that you should talk calmly, suggest your reasons rather than telling others and respect their views whilst sharing your own.

Video: Hair gel experiment

Today in Science, Year 5 Kestrels investigated what would happen to hair gel if they sprinkled salt (sodium chloride) onto it.

We started by making our predictions:
I think it will turn into slime – Callum
I think it might change colour – Lexie
I think it might make a little ‘boom’ and then turn into slime – Jake

Then it was time to get sprinkling! We found that the salt dissolved and the gel turns into a liquid. It also changed colour slightly into a cloudy, baby blue.

Investigating nappies experiment

This afternoon Year 5 Kestrels investigated nappies!

They looked at what happened when liquid was added to the grains in a nappy.

Some of the predictions…

The children then cut open a nappy, took out the tiny grains and collected them in a bowl. Once the grains were sieved to remove any cotton wool the children noted how much they had left.

They then added water to the grains, 10ml at a time, and recorded their findings.

They could see that each time they added water the grains got bigger and bigger, but remained dry.

Finally, they added salt and observed the grains. The grains became wet!