In Art, Year 5 have started a unit based on collage. We started by discussing what collage is and looking at the work of Henri Matisse. We then moved onto the artist Beatriz Milhazes. We have discussed and evaluated her work before having a go at a piece ourselves! In today’s lesson we completed our backgrounds made of lots of rectangular shapes and made our collage apps, ready for stamping on top!

Computing workshop

Year 5 Kestrels had a very productive Computing workshop this morning. Parents joined the class to work with them on coding in Scratch. The class really showed their skills, remembering all the key words and knowing how to code.

The children had a fun task of making the sprite (the cat) move around the maze until the route to the apple was found.

Children had to use their skills, of debugging, to ensure the commands they entered, worked.

Thank you to all the parents who attended. It was a valuable opportunity for the children to share their knowledge and work together.

Swinging pendulums.

This afternoon in Science, the children created swinging pendulums. We were investigating whether the pendulum having a longer or shorter string would affect the number times it would swing in a certain amount of time. We found out that the pendulums with longer string could swing a greater number of times, but the pendulums with the shorter string could complete swings quicker.

Activities at Turves Green

Today the boys and girls went to visit Turves Green secondary school. The girls day was packed full of fun activities.

We started with a cooking lesson, where the girls all learnt how to bake cookies (most of them went for chocolate chip!). The girls were brilliant at following the instructions given and even had a go at washing up their equipment at the end of session.

We then had a little break with drinks and snacks before moving onto the next lesson which was Art. The teacher told the children all about tie-dying and it’s history. The children then completed tie-dying, but with tissue paper rather than fabric, it worked brilliantly!

Finally, we all went outside and watched a small science experiment, it consisted of bottles and foam arrows being suited in the air, it was real fun to watch!

Overall the girls had a fabulous day, they had a brilliant time and behaved sensibly at all times. Well done girls!

Digital editing

Year 5 Kestrels have spent part of the afternoon finishing off their digital media topic. After taking photos of the school grounds, the and children have been spending time digitally editing these photos. The overall aim was to make our photos look more appealing to the viewer. Take a look at some of the finished pieces below.

Katie’s digital editing


A Buddhist visitor

Today, Year 5 had a visit from a Buddhist. He started the session with performing a Buddhist ritual and asked the children lots of questions about what they thought he was doing. They made a very good assumption and asked if he was greeting the Buddha that was sat on the table. He then spoke to the children about different Buddhist beliefs.
They then had a go at meditating. The children appeared to feel very relaxed.

They finished with an opportunity to ask the Buddhist any questions that they had. They all had lots of interesting questions to ask him, including ‘Why do all of the Buddha statues have long ears?’ Apparently there is a myth that states that you can recognise if someone’s a Buddha through whether they have long ear lobes.

Video: Learning about kinetic energy

In Science, Year 5 have started their new topic, energy. Today we had a quick lesson looking at springy toys. We discussed what happens when you a springy toy and why this happens. We learnt that when the toy is pressed down the strain creates elastic potential energy. Then when the rubber plates separate and the toy flies into the air the kinetic energy has been created and released.

I think the children enjoyed playing with the toys the most… take a look at some of the pictures below.

4 a-day Maths

In 4 a-day Maths recently, Year 5 Kestrels have been recapping fractions. Today they were finding fractions of amounts.

The children now take it in turns to explain each question using the whiteboard to the rest of the class. They are getting very good at this, they even ask their peers lots of questions, it seems to be building their confidence!

Discussing forgiveness

Today in PSHE, Year 5 have been discussing forgiveness, following on from their last discussion on friendships ending.

We began by discussing how we might feel when we are angry with someone or a friend. We then spoke about forgiveness and what this looks like.

Miss Edwards then read a story to the class about two girls called Kelly and Sacha. The two girls had feel out and the children had to think about whether Sacha should forgive Kelly for what she had done.

We had a mixture of opinions but most of the children ageeed that it would be best for Sacha to forgive Kelly because they have been friends a very long time, and everyone deserves a second chance.

Making others feel good

Following on from yesterday the class looked at how to make others feel good.

The class had lots of great ideas:
• making them something
• taking them out
• talking about nice things

The class then looked at “put downs”. They discussed what they were:
• saying unkind things, like they were not good at something
• reminding them of bad memories
•spreading rumours or making fun of someone

Anything that makes someone feel smaller and upset can be a put down and the class talked about what that looks like in a person.

“They feel smaller.”
“They don’t feel happy.”
“They feel upset.”