Behaviours for Learning

Year 5 got off to a flying start with their sessions on Behaviours for Learning. They all had super reasons why listening was vital in order to learn, and came up with some super ideas of how they’re going to stay focused this term.

They tested their listening skills by guessing a range of sounds…it was a lot of fun and taught them just how focused they need to in order to recognise even the most common of sounds.

Safer Internet Week Project

Well done to the key workers children for taking part in a mini Safer Internet Week project. Mr Baddhan asked the children to create a PowerPoint about how they can be the internet a more safer and respecful place. They produced some fantastic presentations.

Mr Baddhan was most impressed with the efforts of Amelia Mc, Frankie L, Remas and Lola.

For their reward, Mr Baddhan handed a delicious prize – a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar to the children.

See Amelia’s work below.

Safer Internet Week

This week year 5 have been looking at the importance of keeping our internet safe. They took part in lots of activities to test, and further inform they’re knowledge. They were very knowledgable about the importance of showing respect both on line and off line, and two of the children produced these beautiful posters demonstrating their excellent understanding.

Very well done to: Frankie L and Amelia Mc- super posters you should be very proud of.

Studying Monet

Year 5 have had a very enjoyable Art topic this term studying Monet. They have practised their sketching skills and applied all the painting techniques to produce some really lovely pieces of art. They finished with an evaluation of their work and assessed how their finished pieces could be Improved.