Drama Skills

Using drama is so important when children are discussing stories. This week, Kestrels have been acting out their ‘flashback’ stories that they have invented whilst reading October, October. They all planned and acted out their stories to each other and came up with some fascinating ideas.

Green Screen Technology – Weather Reports

Year 5 have been looking at how setting a chroma-key such as green can be used for “green screen magic”


They then had a go at creating their own weather reports!

October, October

This week, Kestrels have been discussing the characters in their new class novel – October, October. The children separated into 2 lines and had to convince George whether to keep the pet owl that October rescued or not. George considered the opinions given and decided it would be better to keep the owl. A wise (old owl) decision I feel George, 😉

Chemical Reactions

Kestrels’ latest topic is ‘Changes in Materials’ and this week, they have been finding out what happens when certain chemicals are mixed together in a solution. They were asked to mix water with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar with water and bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.

They learnt that there is a chemical reaction with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar) Hollie certainly did when the balloon exploded from off the top of the test tube!