Historical weather data in Excel

During today’s Computing with Mr Baddhan, Kestrels have been learning about Microsoft Excel and how it can do alot of Maths work for you.

The children worked through some historical weather data and added it into Excel. The date they were focusing on was the average rainfall for a specific year. They then were shown how to get the average, sum and create a bar chart.

The children worked out a quick of doing this through formulas on Excel.

Sophie’s maze game!

Well done to Sophie for creating her own game (with the help of her dad!) at home.

Using Scratch, Sophie created a game where a user can control the mouse sprite to get through the maze to collect the cheese.

Mr Baddhan is so pleased with Sophie’s willingness and using her own initiative and understanding of Scratch to create this game.

Try Sophie’s game below…

Our finished Ping Pong games

Today Year 5 Kestrels finished programming their ‘Ping Pong’ games using Scratch.

In the last few lessons, the children have been trying to understand which variables they will be using and also how the points will change depending on the colour the ball touches.

At the end of the lesson, Kestrels tried each others games out giving feedback on each.

Here are a sample of a few completed games.

Megan and Poppy




Anti-bullying Week

Anti-Bullying week kicked off in year 5 today with the children discussing how the school ensures children are safe both physically and mentally while they are in school.

They came up with many suggestions detailing all the help and support they receive and are currently coming up with ideas for their placards that we will produce for the anti-bullying march on Friday, in the school playground.

They also completed the KS2 online survey for Mr Baddhan. We’re all looking forward to more fun activities during the week. Stay tuned!

Maths cat quiz in Scratch

During Computing in the last few lessons with Mr Baddhan, Year 5 Kestrels programmed a maths cat to calculate addition, multiplication and other maths formulas.

Kestrels showed some fantastic programming understanding of variables and sequence in Scratch.

Here are some examples of the children’s work:



Keeping our information private online

Year 5 Kestrels have been busy learning about the importance of staying safe when they’re online! They watched a video explaining how important it is to not give any private information out to ANYONE such as: passwords, addresses etc. They studied various scenarios where children were in difficult situations and had to use their knowledge of e-safety in order to offer advice on how to deal with the situation.

Being environmentally friendly

Year 5 have been looking into the importance of being environmentally friendly in order to preserve our precious planet. They are extremely knowledgable about how effective recycling and reusing materials would be. They brought in old rubbish from home to show just how much we throw away and don’t recycle, and they made these fabulous collages…

Take a look!