Visiting Vikings

This week, year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘The History Man’.
He brought along all his artefacts associated with the Vikings.
He taught the children some very interesting facts and they were able to share their recently acquired knowledge on invaders, with him.
The children were involved in various activities such as: dressing in Viking clothes, building a replica Viking bed and playing Viking board games.
The reinacting of a battle scene was fabulous fun and they even received guidance on how to protect themselves in a sword fight. Have a look at some of the photos from our amazing morning!

Materials and their properties

Kestrels have continued to study the topic ‘Materials and their properties’ and this week, they had to construct a sandcastle using their knowledge of how sand bridges with water. It took a while to get the consistency right but I’m sure you’ll agree.

… they did a fine job indeed!  Special congratulations goes to Harvey and Zi Yan for a rather fabulous sandcastle!


Drama with Narnia

This week, Kestrels have been reading Narnia and using Drama activities to better their understanding of the text. They acted out a conversation Lucy had with Mr Tumnus and then discussed their feelings, in order to write a letter in the role of Lucy, to Mum. Kinda and Amelie demonstrated their conversation and it was fabulous; the girls both earned themselves a gold card. Well done girls!

Editing Audio for a purpose

Year 5 have had the most fun adding sound to poems by using a program called Audacity. They have been so creative in setting the scenes for 2 poems that Mr Lo and Mrs Calbreath recorded. I think they enjoyed adding some very strange voices a little too much!

Anglo Saxon Bags

Year 5 have been practising their sewing skills in order to make their Anglo-Saxon bags. They are now able to thread a needle, tie a knot and do various stitches such as back stitch and over stitch. We’ve had some great results.

Being Hopeful and Visionary

Today Year 5 continued looking at the disposition in RE of being hopeful and visionary. They read an extract from the Bible (Matthew 25, 31-46) it talked about their hopes at judgement day. It talks about all the good things that have been done in life, all the people who have been helped in their times of need and how these good acts mean that not only is it seen as helping those people but helping God too.

The class made connections to other stories we have read too, like the good Samaritan, who helped a stranger, and Bhai Kanhaiya, who helped fallen enemies in battle.

These stories show how mankind puts others first regardless of faith, colour or creed. They show humanity.

The class went on to look at advent- the coming of Jesus. Each candle on the Advent wreath represents something different and lead up to the four Sundays before Christmas. On Christmas Day a final candle is lit in the middle of the wreath.


Do you have an Advent wreath?


This week, Kestrels have been creating programs on Scratch. To do this they used thier knowledge of logical reasoning and decomposition.

Using their computational thinking, they were able to control their sprite to count to 12. Next week they will be controlling their second sprite to count in Roman Numerals. They are having a lot of fun and are being very creative!