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Poetry about feelings

We have been writing poems about different feelings in Year 5 Kestrels. We typed up our poems and changed the fonts, colour and size of the text to add interest. Today we started an illustration that compliments the emotion of our poem. Then we will cut up the words and lines from our poem and stick them in and around our illustration.

Painting in style of Claude Monet

In the week, Year 5 Kestrels printed pictures of flowers, blossom and trees that we liked. During art today, we started painting the pictures in the style of Claude Monet, thinking carefully about colour and texture.

Some children started a lovely background wash to their picture, trying to add texture and depth to it using the paint.

Some children made an excellent start to their painting by adding the flowers and blossoms or trees onto their background.

Filming our Magna Carta

This afternoon Kestrels in Year 5 filmed their Magna Carta plays. Mrs Butterworth’s group filmed first on the green screen.

The barons getting into character!

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury’s grand entrance.

The barons informed the Arch Bishop of Canterbury about how they were feeling and their concerns with King John.

The dramatic end… King John stamping Magna Carta.

Rhyming and non rhyming poems

Last week Year 5 started reading and annotating different poems.

Today we read rhyming and non rhyming poems about different feelings and emotions. We chose an emotion and started to mind map ideas for our own poem.

Niah described anger like a volcano erupting. Elliott described happiness like bright sunshine. Sophia describes sadness as being apprehensive. Kenny described pride as wearing it for everyone to see. We all had brilliant ideas and contributions.

Kestrels practise for their History drama script

Year 5 were transported back to England in 1215 during our History lesson this afternoon.

The barons were not happy!

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury got involved as the barons wanted to declare their rights and make new rules, that even a king must obey…

King John had no choice but to agree and on 15th June 1215, the barons presented King John with 63 rules written on parchment – this was called Magna Carta.

King John placed his royal seal on the document to show the world that he agreed to these rules. Some rules were quickly changed, some were broken and some still apply today! Magna Carta showed that it is possible to lay down rules that even a king must obey.

Next week we will film the play!

Learning about King John

This term, Year 5 Kestrel’s History topic is Kings and Queens. We’ve been learning about King John, today we split into two groups, one with Mrs Butterworth and one with Mrs Calbreath. We started practising a short play about The Magna Carta, we assigned parts and ran through lines. Tomorrow we will be performing in front of each other!

Claude Monet art

In year 5 art we have been studying Claude Monet. We have experimented with mixing colours, looking closely at the tones that Monet used in his water lily paintings. Today we experimented with texture, using layers of tissue paper and glue to create depth and texture within the paint.

Phishing emails

Today, year 5 spent time learning how to stay safe on the Internet. They studied various situations where websites were attempting to scam customers through e-mails (called phishing). The children showed an incredible online safety knowledge and were able to spot the difference between fake and genuine websites.

Viking style Hemp bags

Year 5 have today, finished their D&T topic of making Viking style Hemp bags to carry their belongings in. They have learnt how to use various sewing stitches, learnt how to design a Celtic sign and have also designed and added a handle and fastener to their bags. It has been a very successful topic and the children are extremely proud of the end results!