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Creating a Ping Pong game – part 2

Year 5 have continued with their computing topic today to create a ping pong game using scratch. They have produced two sprites; a ball and a paddle. They have made the ball sprite move randomly by itself and the paddle sprite is moved by the up and down arrows.

They have used blocks to create a script for the game to follow, and are now becoming confident designing their own games.

Creating a Ping Pong game – part 1

Today, Year 5 have started their new Computing topic of creating a game called ‘Ping Pong’ using Scratch. The children had a visit from Mr Baddhan, who talked them through the process, and the children have had a go at devising codes that will instruct the game to work correctly.

The children tried Mr Baddhan’s version of the game to see how it was put together. They decomposed some of the code to understand the various elements of the code for each sprite.

Take a look at the pictures so far…

Art using digital media

Year 5 have started their new Art project this week. The children are learning how to create Art using digital media. They have been given a program to trial to see what effects that can come up with. Later in the week, they will be editing a photograph that they have taken themselves. I’m sure you’ll agree, the results are pretty impressive.

Consent and permission online

This week it’s Safer Internet Week and the children have taken part in lots of activities already.

They have been given an assembly by our very talented Digital Council team and have been learning about the importance of asking for permission, understanding the reply and listening to the answer. Today they played a game, all standing in a circle with a beanbag, they had to throw it to another person by asking for permission. They had a lot of fun and it really got a very important message across.

Phishing on the internet

This week year 5 have been discussing ‘Phishing’ and how important it is to be safe when using the internet.

Phishing is when companies try to obtain personal information from individuals by methods that are not genuine. The children were asked to look at lots of scenarios where personal information such as: bank details, passwords and addresses had been asked for and had to use their initiative to work out whether the websites involved were genuine. They are extremely knowledgable on the subject and demonstrated a real maturity in discussing their views.

Adding sound to create atmosphere

During the last few Computing lessons with Mr Baddhan, Year 5 Kestrels have been using a new program called Audacity – a sound editing tool. It allows children to edit their recordings and then add sound effects.

The children recorded their suspense stories from a previous English lesson, and then added sound effects downloaded from a website called Sound Bible.

The children were also reminded about the importance of downloading copyrighted files from the internet. Always ask permission from the website or owner.

Here are some edited recordings.