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Using Scratch

Year 5 worked super hard this afternoon on computing, making scratch programmes for a sprite to add numbers together.
Having had a go at programming before and watching a Loom on it, the class were quick to give it a go. We had lots of fabulous sprites doing all sorts and addition sums and Pippa even managed to get hers to divide and multiply!
Have a look at Amaya’s commands.

Presenting the Weather

As part of their computing lessons, year 5 have been discussing how the weather is presented: the development process involved and the part technology plays in creating the magic of weather forecasting programs.
Kestrels then got involved in creating their own weather forecast show.
This involved each group: creating the script –> choosing the correct technology –> producing the video.
Kestrels were knowledgeable in the technology required to complete this project. First, they chose our school’s own green screen ( (a green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image) and then took turns using an iPad to capture and edit the video footage.

Top tips when filming
  • Both feet spaced wide apart and flat on the ground to keep yourself steady.
  • Hold the camera / image capturing device (e.g iPad) with both hands.
  • When filming for video to be presented on TV or PC’s , hold the iPad landscape mode.
  • Ensure the subject you are filming is within the centre of the frame.

Using Scratch

Year 5 completed a lesson on code for their sprites in Scratch today.
They had to review a code given and ensure it counted up to 12 as well as ensuring the timing was suitable.
Have a look at the video of Ava and Dehwa and their attempt.
The children went on to manipulating the variables (data) to do other things, as well as seeing if they can attempt what Mr Lo has shown on the screen, before Mr Lo explains how to do it!

Using Scratch

Computing has started in year 5 and the children have been using Scratch to generate moving characters that can talk. It’s been a lot of fun hearing them record their own voices to add to their characters…we’ve even had a talking doughnut! They are a talented bunch and can’t wait for next week’s lesson where they can build on their programming skills.


Year 5 looked at Scratch today. They began by showing all the things they have learnt from before…which is quite a lot! It was impressive to see how the class helped each other to complete a sequence and edit the sequence to change the timings etc.

Adding sound to create atmosphere

In the last couple of lessons in Computing, Year 5 Kestrels have been learning about a new program called Audacity – a sound editing tool. It allows children to edit their recordings and then add sound effects.

Mr Baddhan asked the children to record their ‘Descriptive Setting’ stories into Audacity and then add sound effects downloaded from another sound resources website called Sound Bible.

Here are some examples of Year 5’s atmosphere recordings.

I’m sure you agree, some of the recordings sound fantastic creating atmosphere and realism to their stories.


Amelia J


Frankie L

Our finished Ping Pong games

Today Year 5 Kestrels finished programming their ‘Ping Pong’ games using Scratch.

In the last few lessons, the children have been using different programming blocks to create their games. They have used motion, operators, repeat and variable blocks.

At the end of the lesson, Kestrels tried each others games out giving feedback on each.

Here are a sample of a few completed games.

Amelia J

Moharnab C


Introducing procedures and creating patterns

In Computing, Year 5 Kestrels continued to work on coding in Logo. Today, Mr Baddhan introduced the children to procedures – where we are teaching the computer to draw a shape.

The children were wowed at how the program could be taught how to create shapes.

Understanding procedures then allowed the children to create different patterns using the repeat function.

Mr Baddhan was really pleased with the children’s work and the patterns created.

Coding using Logo

Kestrels enjoyed developing their programming skills using Logo. Once the children had mastered making squares, they moved on to creating rectangles and triangles. The children showed excellent critical thinking throughout the lesson, refining their algorithms, to create their desired effect.

The children used code including fd (forward) 5 rt 90 (right turn). It was important understood their angles from their Maths lessons to ensure they could create the correct shapes.