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Editing Audio for a purpose

Year 5 have had the most fun adding sound to poems by using a program called Audacity. They have been so creative in setting the scenes for 2 poems that Mr Lo and Mrs Calbreath recorded. I think they enjoyed adding some very strange voices a little too much!


This week, Kestrels have been creating programs on Scratch. To do this they used thier knowledge of logical reasoning and decomposition.

Using their computational thinking, they were able to control their sprite to count to 12. Next week they will be controlling their second sprite to count in Roman Numerals. They are having a lot of fun and are being very creative!


Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, Kestrels took part in a very important lesson all about the types of bullying that can occur on and offline. The children studied various scenarios and had to decide which were forms of bullying and which were simply examples of unkindness. They of course, got them all correct and were able to discuss what to do if they were ever in a situation where they were being bullied, or saw it happening to someone else.

The children then created their own lists of online and offline bullying situations and added drawings and logos as well. The last thing we did was to discuss all the various anti-bullying groups that children could speak to if they ever needed to.

Cloud Computing

Kestrels demonstrated their excellent knowledge of Computing this week by looking at various data plans and matching them to users of the Cloud. They also matched the correct meanings to their descriptions of language that links to the Internet. Such as: An ISP (an Internet service provider) or a URL ( a uniform resource locator). They really are quite a knowledgeable bunch!



Using Scratch

Year 5 worked super hard this afternoon on computing, making scratch programmes for a sprite to add numbers together.
Having had a go at programming before and watching a Loom on it, the class were quick to give it a go. We had lots of fabulous sprites doing all sorts and addition sums and Pippa even managed to get hers to divide and multiply!
Have a look at Amaya’s commands.

Presenting the Weather

As part of their computing lessons, year 5 have been discussing how the weather is presented: the development process involved and the part technology plays in creating the magic of weather forecasting programs.
Kestrels then got involved in creating their own weather forecast show.
This involved each group: creating the script –> choosing the correct technology –> producing the video.
Kestrels were knowledgeable in the technology required to complete this project. First, they chose our school’s own green screen ( (a green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image) and then took turns using an iPad to capture and edit the video footage.

Top tips when filming
  • Both feet spaced wide apart and flat on the ground to keep yourself steady.
  • Hold the camera / image capturing device (e.g iPad) with both hands.
  • When filming for video to be presented on TV or PC’s , hold the iPad landscape mode.
  • Ensure the subject you are filming is within the centre of the frame.