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Year 5 have been learning the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. They have been disgusting the properties of polygons and equilateral s and have been constructing nets to replicate 3D shapes, such as cuboid and rectangular prisms. It’s been good fun and they have learnt a lot.

Coding using Logo

Kestrels enjoyed developing their programming skills using Logo. Once the children had mastered making squares, they moved on to creating rectangles and triangles. The children showed excellent critical thinking throughout the lesson, refining their algorithms, to create their desired effect.

The children used code including fd (forward) 5 rt 90 (right turn). It was important understood their angles from their Maths lessons to ensure they could create the correct shapes.

Adding two fractions with different denominators

In Maths, Kestrels in year 5 have been learning about fractions. Today our learning objective was: to add more than two fractions with different denominators.

Everyone was asked what was the process when adding fractions together with different denominators…

Before starting we did an anchor task together on the board and wrote the process in our books so we all understood what we doing when converting the fractions we had to add together, finding a common denominator.

Historical weather data in Excel

During today’s Computing with Mr Baddhan, Kestrels have been learning about Microsoft Excel and how it can do alot of Maths work for you.

The children worked through some historical weather data and added it into Excel. The date they were focusing on was the average rainfall for a specific year. They then were shown how to get the average, sum and create a bar chart.

The children worked out a quick of doing this through formulas on Excel.