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Designing a Viking-style bag

Year 5 have finished their Viking & Anglo-Saxon topic. They showed they’re incredible new knowledge in some very high scoring quiz answers. Well done Kestrels!

Today, they started they’re new D&T topic of designing and making a Viking-style bag to hold their stationery. They researched bags already on the market and carried out their own market research to ascertain what their class mates and teachers thought about the bags they had chosen to research. Tomorrow we will have a go at sewing to demonstrate a seam allowance. Watch out for the photos.

Designing our bridges

This afternoon Kestrels in year 5 started designing their bridges, working together in small groups, we thought carefully about the design brief and the materials we have available.

We were asked to make a bridge that would connect two towns separated by water, our bridge would go over the water and needs to allow boats to go under it and cars to go over it. When designing we need to think about scale… is our bridge going to be one way or a two way bridge?

We need to decide if it if is going to have a drawbridge to allow the boats to go under and if we incorporate this into our design… how is it going to work?

Sophie used the bridge she made at home for inspiration.

Kenny and Joey worked really well together, they came up with different ideas and took the best aspects of each one and amalgamated them together into one fantastic design!

Some final designs in progress…

Once our design was finished, we could start planning how we are going to make it.

Building our own bridges

In DT today, year 5 learnt about the different types of bridges; hanging, beam, arch, cantilever.

We were given instructions and a template to make our own bridge, we could increase the layers of the card platform, then we had to test the different layer’s strength with cubes.

Chandler’s one layer held 5 cubes!

Megan’s two layers also held 7 cubes…

Joey’s 3 layers held 3 cubes.

Sophie and Elliott’s 4 layers held 11 cubes!

There was a way to strengthen the bridge, using one last piece of card.

Evie and Niah put their final pieces of card in the middle of their bridges.

Tallest tower challenge

Year 5 learnt about Isambard Kingdom Brunel in DT and the bridges he constructed that are still in use today.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Brunel in 1830, is now a famous landmark in Bristol and a Grade I listed building.

In our lesson we were given the challenge of making the tallest tower out of one piece of paper, only using scissors and glue.

Viking style Hemp bags

Year 5 have today, finished their D&T topic of making Viking style Hemp bags to carry their belongings in. They have learnt how to use various sewing stitches, learnt how to design a Celtic sign and have also designed and added a handle and fastener to their bags. It has been a very successful topic and the children are extremely proud of the end results!

Choosing ice cream ingredients

The children in year 5 continued their design and technology project today, choosing the ingredients for their ice cream creation. They started by studying several Ice cream recipes and chose the ingredients they liked the best. The children then had to compare prices of their products from a range of supermarkets to see where they could source each ingredient from.