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Our completed Viking-style bags

Year 5 have now completed their Design & Technology project on designing and making a Viking-style bag. They have learnt to use a range of stitches and added handles and fasteners to their bags. Today they evaluated their products to see if they were fit for purpose and I’m sure you will agree…we have some incredibly skilled children. Well done Year 5, you put so much effort into this project, We invited Miss Coghlan (subject leader for D&T), to see our bags and she was extremely impressed with the children”s ability

Evaluating materials

Today Year 5 have continued with their project on designing a Viking-style bag. They have evaluated a range of materials to see which are the most suitable to use for the bag. They have decided that hemp would make the most suitable material as it is strong, easy to sew and is authentically suited to the period in time.

Testing fabrics

This term year 5 are taking part in a design and technology project to make a bag, as they would have done in Anglo-Saxon times. They will be testing various fabrics to see which is the most suitable and evaluating their final piece of work.

This week they were practising their measuring skills, drawing lines accurately and having a go at sewing.

Anglo Saxon bags

Year 5 investigated Anglo Saxon bags this afternoon. There were many ideas for the possible purpose of the bags:

  • To keep a map in
  • For money
  • Hold small toys
  • Carry a notebook

The children then practiced their sewing skills on some card…that was interesting. They were great at sewing, threading the needles was a little trickier, it took a lot of concentration and fine motor skills.

The children also had a go at practicing drawing accurate lines. The lines had to be precise measurements, which is another skill in itself.

There are designs to be investigated and make, ready for tomorrow‘s lesson.

Bag materials

Year 5 problem solved and analysed materials today.

They investigated the pros and cons of certain materials to use for making our Anglo Saxon bags.
Paper and tissue paper were not suitable for the task. The children came up with some good reasonings, like it was not durable enough.

Thin plastic had some good qualities, it was durable and waterproof, which is helpful. Unfortunately, because it was shiny it was hard to sew together.

Carrier bags was next on the list… great because it is recyclable and waterproof, but when it was pierced, it just split and ripped. Not a suitable material to sew.

The final choice was a material called hessian. This material is strong, durable and because it has tiny holes in it, the needles will go through nice and easily. Perfect. Although it is not waterproof, the children decided that they could line it with plastic to protect whatever is inside. Well done Year 5.

Girls at Turves Green


The Year 5 girls visited Turves Green Girls School to take part in some brilliant activities. After being treated to a lovely breakfast we listened to a talk from the Medieval Man. He explained all about the Normans and their castles. Well done to Brianna, Leah, and Isabel for volunteering to dress up as Norman soldiers. Mya helped to explain and demonstrate the advantages of using a Trebouchet during battle.

After a little break in the sunshine, the girls went to do some baking in the Food Technology room. The girls had to follow step by step instructions to make some scones, they listened really well and within the hour had produced some delicious scones. Just before they left they went back outside to have a quick Science lesson and a demonstration of water rockets which was very exciting. Well done to all the girls, their behaviour and manners were amazing.