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Arts Week

Kestrels had a wonderful time during Art’s week. They studied an African American composer – Florence Price. We focussed on her wonderfully uplifting symphony No 1 and produced some incredible African art using, calico and printing ink.
There are also pictures based on a previous artist we studied – Takashi Murakami. I’m sure you’ll agree, the finished pieces were stunning!


This term, Kestrels have been looking at the Pop Art Movement. They studied various artists and produced some pieces based on Roy Lichtenstein. The main focus for our topic was work by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist whose work is an intersection of pop culture, history and fine art. The children loved his styles and produced some stunning pieces, full of colour and incredible imagination. Excellent work Kestrels!

Experimenting with Colour

Today Year 5 experimented with making shades of colours to complete their Monet pictures. They only used primary colours and then added white to get various shades. In some cases, they used their primary colours to make colours like brown. Do you know how to make brown?
It is:
Yellow + Red = Orange
Orange + Blue = Brown
Did you know that?
They used small brushes and made careful dabs rather than long strokes to mimic the Monet style.


Today year 5 continued with their Art topic; studying the work of Claude Monet. They learnt about him as a person, how he liked to paint and how influential he was in the area of ‘Impressionism’. The children listed the 6 main ideas that define Impressionism and next week, they’ll have a go at creating a colour palette to demonstrate their understanding.