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Experimenting with Colour

Today Year 5 experimented with making shades of colours to complete their Monet pictures. They only used primary colours and then added white to get various shades. In some cases, they used their primary colours to make colours like brown. Do you know how to make brown?
It is:
Yellow + Red = Orange
Orange + Blue = Brown
Did you know that?
They used small brushes and made careful dabs rather than long strokes to mimic the Monet style.


Today year 5 continued with their Art topic; studying the work of Claude Monet. They learnt about him as a person, how he liked to paint and how influential he was in the area of ‘Impressionism’. The children listed the 6 main ideas that define Impressionism and next week, they’ll have a go at creating a colour palette to demonstrate their understanding.


Claude Monet

Our topic this year in Art is Claude Monet. The children were given a jigsaw of one of his paintings and had to assemble it to see just what the impressionist’s work was like. They are looking forward to creating their own colour palette this week and delving more into the artist’s life and work.

Studying Monet

Year 5 have had a very enjoyable Art topic this term studying Monet. They have practised their sketching skills and applied all the painting techniques to produce some really lovely pieces of art. They finished with an evaluation of their work and assessed how their finished pieces could be Improved.

Painting in style of Claude Monet

In the week, Year 5 Kestrels printed pictures of flowers, blossom and trees that we liked. During art today, we started painting the pictures in the style of Claude Monet, thinking carefully about colour and texture.

Some children started a lovely background wash to their picture, trying to add texture and depth to it using the paint.

Some children made an excellent start to their painting by adding the flowers and blossoms or trees onto their background.