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Anti-Bullying Week

Year 5 have been discussing anti bulling week and the great theme is Make a noise!
The children have loved the theme as it means they should speak out whenever they hear about bullying, see any bullying  or experience any bullying. This also includes cyber bullying as we learnt in our computing lesson this week too.
Cyberbullying can happen on:
Tik Tok
Xbox Live
Everyone has to be careful online and make sure they are being kind.

Mental Health Day 10th October 2023

As part of Kestrel’s class assembly this morning, we discussed mental health and the children sorted words and phrases into a venn diagram to show whether they thought they belonged to mental health, physical health or both. This led to some very mature and interesting discussions about the links between physical and mental health.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Last week Kestrels took part in Mental Health week , and we discussed how staying connected with people and chatting can help with worries. The children discussed who they have available for them to talk to if they need to share their worries or feelings and then we played a great game of bingo. The children had to complete their bingo sheet containing their favourite things; hobbies, foods, lessons etc and were asked to talk their way round the classroom finding people with the same interests. It was great fun!

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, Kestrels took part in a very important lesson all about the types of bullying that can occur on and offline. The children studied various scenarios and had to decide which were forms of bullying and which were simply examples of unkindness. They of course, got them all correct and were able to discuss what to do if they were ever in a situation where they were being bullied, or saw it happening to someone else.

The children then created their own lists of online and offline bullying situations and added drawings and logos as well. The last thing we did was to discuss all the various anti-bullying groups that children could speak to if they ever needed to.


The class looked at reasons why a friendship may end. Kestrels are very mature and shared a variety of valid reasons why a friendship may end. Have a look at them:
They then went on to role play the scenarios between two friends and how one wanted to end the friendship. It is very true to say that there are always two sides to a story. How both the girls felt in the situation was very important.
As part of a role play the class worked out how the girls could have resolved the situation..

Dance Stars

What a busy weekend the Kestrels have had! All sorts have happened, and we have medals too!

Paige achieved a gold medal for her Solo Modern Dance.

Jessica achieved three amazing shields for her tap, ballet and freestyle dance.

Fantastic effort girls. We are all super proud of you both. You show great commitment to your activities and reap the rewards.