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Anti-Bullying Week

Today Year 5 looked at another question:
​What does school already do to help stop bullying and ensure all pupils are happy and safe?

​There were a lot of excellent responses!

It was clear the children know how we stay safe and that everyone is responsible for our safety, which is so important.

We then went on to look at another question:

Who are the people in school who can help us reduce and respond to bullying?

​Again, the children responded with very similar answers and eventually agreed that actually, the answers all amounted to one thing- EVERYONE was responsible for reducing and responding to bullying.

Very impressed Year 5! You have a clear understanding of what we do as a school, how it is done and why we do it.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today the class looked at:

​What kind words have been said to you this week?

There were some lovely responses to this today and a couple of surprises! It was so heart-warming to see that we are a class of children who complement each other, look out for each other and are generally kind.

Tanatswa surprised Mrs Calbreath and Mrs Sabir with lovely notes that created huge smiles, a few ahhhhs and a lot of appreciation. Thank you Tanatswa. What was even nicer was that she gave the notes BEFORE she realised the question on the board!

Kestrels are a very kind class and show it every day.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today Year 5 began looking at acts of kindness for Anti- bullying week.

The question was asked:
What acts of kindness can I do today?

The children wrote their responses on post-it notes and put them up on the board.

There were lots of similar responses:

​I will help someone today, especially if they are stuck.

I will ask someone to play with me if they are alone.

I will smile at someone.

I will open a door for a teacher.

Share my things.

Help my partner.

Try to be kind to my brother.

Help my mum because she has a cold.

Stand up for someone if they are being bullied.

These sound like great ideas – well done Kestrels.

A Sensible Debate

Today year 5 had a fascinating discussion about xenotransplantation (transplanting a pig heart into a human). This is the subject in their class novel and they really got into debating the pros and cons of having such a transplant. Tomorrow, the children are going to interview each other on their opinions; with a view to writing a letter of protest to the hospital.


Year 5 have been looking at ‘Peer pressure” and how detrimental it can be. They watched a video explanning the dangers and how important it is to be themselves. They studied various scenarios and had to give the characters advice on how to stand up for themselves

Acts of kindness

Another anti-bullying week completed at Bells Farm??

Earlier in the week, Mrs Calbreath asked the children to keep a note of any acts of kindness they carried out during the week…the results were lovely!

Some children made tea, others gave compliments to people they knew, some children helped out with their siblings by keeping them busy while Mum cooked tea or by reading to them at bedtime. Mason tried to make his own lunch but couldn’t find the ham. (well that’s his excuse anyway!)

Mum to the rescue! ?

Online Bullying

This week, year 5 have had a computer lesson on online bullying. We discussed what it involves, watched a video explaining the dangers and made an anti cyber bullying paper chain. The children also watched the Digital Council’s assembly in the importance of following rules associated with the internet, in order to stay safe. They are such experts on the subject!

Our Kindness Garden

This week, year 5 decided to take a very positive attitude to tackling bullying and produced a Kindness Garden. This involved them finding pebbles in the school’s woodland walk, which they washed and painted. They then decorated them with extremely positive messages to make you smile and hopefully lift your spirits at this very strange time!

We do hope you get time to go and visit the garden if you are in school; it’s situated just outside Mrs Johnson’s classroom.

And remember… Kindness costs nothing!

The positive pebbles included…

“Keep it Kind”
“Kind is Key”
“Beautiful Soul”
“Peace is Power”
“Kind is Love”

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, year 5 have had lots of discussions about bullying. They had a visit from Mrs Johnson who discussed how important it was to not be an ‘onlooker’ if they witness bullying taking place.

They are also taking up the challenge of completing an act of kindness this week. We will discuss if they’ve managed to be successful later today!