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Children’s Mental Health Week

Last week Kestrels took part in Mental Health week , and we discussed how staying connected with people and chatting can help with worries. The children discussed who they have available for them to talk to if they need to share their worries or feelings and then we played a great game of bingo. The children had to complete their bingo sheet containing their favourite things; hobbies, foods, lessons etc and were asked to talk their way round the classroom finding people with the same interests. It was great fun!

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, Kestrels took part in a very important lesson all about the types of bullying that can occur on and offline. The children studied various scenarios and had to decide which were forms of bullying and which were simply examples of unkindness. They of course, got them all correct and were able to discuss what to do if they were ever in a situation where they were being bullied, or saw it happening to someone else.

The children then created their own lists of online and offline bullying situations and added drawings and logos as well. The last thing we did was to discuss all the various anti-bullying groups that children could speak to if they ever needed to.


The class looked at reasons why a friendship may end. Kestrels are very mature and shared a variety of valid reasons why a friendship may end. Have a look at them:
They then went on to role play the scenarios between two friends and how one wanted to end the friendship. It is very true to say that there are always two sides to a story. How both the girls felt in the situation was very important.
As part of a role play the class worked out how the girls could have resolved the situation..

Dance Stars

What a busy weekend the Kestrels have had! All sorts have happened, and we have medals too!

Paige achieved a gold medal for her Solo Modern Dance.

Jessica achieved three amazing shields for her tap, ballet and freestyle dance.

Fantastic effort girls. We are all super proud of you both. You show great commitment to your activities and reap the rewards.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Today year 5 watched an inspiring assembly on mental health. This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and a chance to really express and think about our own mental health.
Everyone needs to get support and we get support from a variety of people; parents, friends, siblings, trusted adults and other family members – even pets!
It is important that we recognise we get comfort from so many different places. Getting comfort, positive affirmations, guidance or just to listen or be around you is also a comfort and a support.
We also looked at thinking about our breathing. Breathing is something we do naturally but when we are stressed, upset, angry or excited our breathing gets quicker. It is important to learn how to regulate our breathing and bring it back down.
We traced our hands and took deep breaths in, held it, then took strong breaths out, while tracing up and down our fingers.
We noticed it helped us empty our minds and relax.
Wonderful relaxation.

Kindness and Caring

Over the holiday we discovered what Destiny and her Mum do every New Year. With other friends, they show their kindness to the homeless making sure they have what they need and bringing a smile to their faces. Here’s Destiny with one of her motivational post-its, and a lovely response from one of the people she helped. Well done Destiny and Mum! Our value word this month is caring – you are showing it in action!


Today Year 5 had a challenge! They had to plan and make something that held water. They had 30 minutes to plan and make it. They were going to time how long it could hold water for. The aim was to apply their metacognitive skills.
But what is metacognition?
It is the thinking about thinking- thinking about what you already know about something and using that knowledge. It is very powerful. When we take the time to stop and think about what we already know it means we build on that knowledge and work smarter, rather than rushing into a task.
In this task, talking, discussing, sharing, evaluating along the way is so important.
There were some “cups” that did not hold water for more than 1 second, so it did not do its job. Others held water for over 100 seconds, a couple went for over 800 seconds!
Excellent challenge Year 5.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today Year 5 looked at another question:
​What does school already do to help stop bullying and ensure all pupils are happy and safe?

​There were a lot of excellent responses!

It was clear the children know how we stay safe and that everyone is responsible for our safety, which is so important.

We then went on to look at another question:

Who are the people in school who can help us reduce and respond to bullying?

​Again, the children responded with very similar answers and eventually agreed that actually, the answers all amounted to one thing- EVERYONE was responsible for reducing and responding to bullying.

Very impressed Year 5! You have a clear understanding of what we do as a school, how it is done and why we do it.