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Anti-bullying Week

Anti-Bullying week kicked off in year 5 today with the children discussing how the school ensures children are safe both physically and mentally while they are in school.

They came up with many suggestions detailing all the help and support they receive and are currently coming up with ideas for their placards that we will produce for the anti-bullying march on Friday, in the school playground.

They also completed the KS2 online survey for Mr Baddhan. We’re all looking forward to more fun activities during the week. Stay tuned!

Being environmentally friendly

Year 5 have been looking into the importance of being environmentally friendly in order to preserve our precious planet. They are extremely knowledgable about how effective recycling and reusing materials would be. They brought in old rubbish from home to show just how much we throw away and don’t recycle, and they made these fabulous collages…

Take a look!

Respecting others

In PSHE, Year 5 have been discussing the importance of respecting others, as well as their opinions and beliefs. They looked at a scenario involving two children where ones tolerance of the other was unacceptable. They came up with their own acronyms for the word tolerance and demonstrated a very mature knowledge.

Personal hygiene experiment

Year 5 have completed their topic on personal hygiene by carrying out an experiment to see where in school the most germs are.

They made their predictions and today the results of the experiment were uncovered.

They were as follows…

The control potato showed no mould at all due to it being untouched by human hands. The potato that was wiped in the flower bed had no mould either, as it was protected by the nutrients in the soil.

The potato wiped on a child’s hands contained quite a lot of germs but the potato with the most germs, was the one that was wiped on the sink.

The children loved the experiment and are now well aware of the importance of washing hands and keeping work areas clean.

Personal hygiene

Year 5 have been learning about the importance of personal hygiene this week. They have learnt all about their bodies starting to change and how they need to make sure they shower, wash their hands and brush their teeth regularly.

As a class we have discussed how germs are spread and we carried out an experiment to look at some evidence. We took 4 quarters of potato and rubbed one in a flower bed, one around a sink, one was rubbed across a child’s hands and the fourth one was simply put in a plastic bag as the ‘Control potato”. We made our predictions as to which one might have the most mould on, and in one week, we will study the potatoes and see if we we’re correct.

Choose Respect

Year 5 have got off to a flying start this week celebrating Anti-Bullying week. We have been discussing the Anti-Bullying slogan which is…’Choose ‘Respect’.

They have come up with what respect actually means, and have shared their ideas on why people should show respect for others.

They have agreed to show a random act of kindness to someone within the school. Keep your eyes on
the blog as we’ll be listing them throughout the week!

NSPCC & Childline

Today Year 5 took part in a workshop delivered by the NSPCC. They learnt all about the importance of speaking out to protect themselves from harm. They were informed about the organisation called Childline,
that is available to them if they ever need to talk to someone about anything that is worrying them. They learnt all about the various forms of abuse and we’re extremely grown up with their responses.. well done year 5!