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Year 5 had their first PE session today. They impressed Mr Gill with their listening skills, organisation and teamwork. They managed to play on 4 separate pitches and rotate their groups to play each other. Well done Year 5.

Bowling and batting skills

Year 5 Kestrels had some more cricket training this morning.

It was another chance to put their bowling and batting skills in to practice. More and more skills are being built on and put in o the test when the matches are on.

Well done Year 5. Lots of concentration and listening skills were needed, great practice for training in the afternoon.

Cricket Coaching

Year 5 Kestrels had their second session of cricket coaching today. They started off with a warm-up learning how to effectively carry a cricket bat whilst running, this is by carrying it and rocking it like it is a baby.

They then practised hitting a cricket ball and catching a cricket ball in their teams, rotating which role they were doing.

A game of cricket then gave the Kestrels a real chance to show off their skills! I think we are going to have some fantastic cricket players in Year 5 Kesterels!

Cricket coaching

Kestrels have begun having cricket coaching this morning.

After some great warm ups, the class were taught some basic techniques for bowling.
They had great fun trying to deliver a ball, using the windmill motion for the arms.

As they practiced it got easier and the coach kept reminding us how our arms should always be straight, head straight and standing side-on to the opponent/wicket.

We can not wait for next weeks session, so we can add to our skills, in preparation for the cricket tournament.

Cricket training

Another wonderful session with our cricket coach this morning.

We have been putting our previous skills into practice, wonderful bowling actions as well as batting. Lovely to see the children remember the details of how to stand, place feet and swing their arms. Keep it up Kestrels.
We have some budding bowlers in the class and Hanson managed 9 runs with a super smash when batting! Well done Hanson!