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Football Skills

We have been practising our use of space in football and scoring points for stringing together a set number of passes without being intercepted. We also practised our close ball control using the inside and the outside of our feet.

Dance Stars

What a busy weekend the Kestrels have had! All sorts have happened, and we have medals too!

Paige achieved a gold medal for her Solo Modern Dance.

Jessica achieved three amazing shields for her tap, ballet and freestyle dance.

Fantastic effort girls. We are all super proud of you both. You show great commitment to your activities and reap the rewards.

Hand Hockey

Today Year 5 had a great PE lesson. They were practising their catching skills ready for games of hand hockey!
In their groups they used their catching skills to pass the ball skilfully to each other in order get the ball past the goal keeper and into the goal. They needed great teamwork and precision to get the balls into the goal.
Well done Year 5.


Year 5 had their first PE session today. They impressed Mr Gill with their listening skills, organisation and teamwork. They managed to play on 4 separate pitches and rotate their groups to play each other. Well done Year 5.

Bowling and batting skills

Year 5 Kestrels had some more cricket training this morning.

It was another chance to put their bowling and batting skills in to practice. More and more skills are being built on and put in o the test when the matches are on.

Well done Year 5. Lots of concentration and listening skills were needed, great practice for training in the afternoon.