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The children in year 5 have been studying all about Kings & Queens in History. They focused on how the Magna Carta came about and put together a production to show their understanding.

Mr Lo has worked his computer magic on the videos and they are a pleasure to watch!
Please enjoy your children at their most confident…

Group 2


A Busy Week!

Kestrels have enjoyed writing their own poems this week! They have been working extremely hard and will be making a class book to the library. They also enjoyed reading them aloud to the class.
Here are Kestrels enjoying doing some World Book Day activities. They completed word searches and crosswords centred around authors and books.
They have also worked extremely hard on their Viking projects.


Year 5 tackled the question : How close did the Vikings come to taking over the country?
The had to put events into chronological order and then moved them left or right depending on how much control they had.
They had to use metacognition to determine what they knew and the best way to tackle the task and team work to achieve it. A lot of talking was essential too.


Yesterday year 5 looked at Anglo-Saxons and artefacts. They had to examine the photographs carefully to determine what they thought the artefacts were and what they may have been used for.  There was a lot of interesting discussions and some really made excellent arguments for why they believed items to be for certain uses.
Many of the children used their knowledge of existing items around us to base their ideas on. Some also used the knowledge that they have gained so far of the Anglo-Saxon times.
A very impressive lesson Year 5. Keep working well in your groups, sharing ideas and being confident with your explanations.

Queen Elizabeth I

In today’s history lesson we focused on Queen Elizabeth I in year 5. Looking at a picture of her, we inferred things about her. For example, from her clothing Chandler said she could be childish as she had a lot of bows on her dress. Niah inferred that she could be interested in fashion and that’s why she’s wearing that style of dress.

Using a fact file we could also read and find out facts about her. We learnt that she, like her father Henry VIII, was a Protestant when she felt threatened by her cousin, who was a Catholic, Elizabeth had her cousin’s head cut off!

History Henry VIII

Year 5 Kestrels have been learning about kings and queens. Last week we learnt about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. On Friday we learnt a song to help us remember who they were, what happened to them and if they had children.

A group of the girls in year 5 got together at break time and lunch time and made up actions to each verse… yesterday before home time they performed it to the class. It was great and a brilliant way to remember details from our history topic.

Kenilworth Castle trip

Year 5 Kestrels visited Kenilworth Castle for the day. In the morning our guide, Clare, showed us around the grounds.

Clare told us that Kenilworth Castle was built in 1120 and was a royal castle for most of its history. It was expanded by Kings John and Henry V.

King John added an outer bailey wall of stone to the castle for extra protection and to improve defences. He also built Mortimer’s and Lunn’s towers. King John also improved the castle’s defences by daming the two nearby brooks, creating the Great Mere.

In the afternoon we had a lot of time to explore in two groups, we went inside The Gatehouse and learnt about how in 1563 Queen Elizabeth I granted Kenilworth Castle to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

After that, we also explored the castle grounds… and up into the towers.

We were all very brave and careful on the spiral staircases!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day!