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Queen Elizabeth I

In today’s history lesson we focused on Queen Elizabeth I in year 5. Looking at a picture of her, we inferred things about her. For example, from her clothing Chandler said she could be childish as she had a lot of bows on her dress. Niah inferred that she could be interested in fashion and that’s why she’s wearing that style of dress.

Using a fact file we could also read and find out facts about her. We learnt that she, like her father Henry VIII, was a Protestant when she felt threatened by her cousin, who was a Catholic, Elizabeth had her cousin’s head cut off!

History Henry VIII

Year 5 Kestrels have been learning about kings and queens. Last week we learnt about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. On Friday we learnt a song to help us remember who they were, what happened to them and if they had children.

A group of the girls in year 5 got together at break time and lunch time and made up actions to each verse… yesterday before home time they performed it to the class. It was great and a brilliant way to remember details from our history topic.

Kenilworth Castle trip

Year 5 Kestrels visited Kenilworth Castle for the day. In the morning our guide, Clare, showed us around the grounds.

Clare told us that Kenilworth Castle was built in 1120 and was a royal castle for most of its history. It was expanded by Kings John and Henry V.

King John added an outer bailey wall of stone to the castle for extra protection and to improve defences. He also built Mortimer’s and Lunn’s towers. King John also improved the castle’s defences by daming the two nearby brooks, creating the Great Mere.

In the afternoon we had a lot of time to explore in two groups, we went inside The Gatehouse and learnt about how in 1563 Queen Elizabeth I granted Kenilworth Castle to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.

After that, we also explored the castle grounds… and up into the towers.

We were all very brave and careful on the spiral staircases!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Filming our Magna Carta

This afternoon Kestrels in Year 5 filmed their Magna Carta plays. Mrs Butterworth’s group filmed first on the green screen.

The barons getting into character!

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury’s grand entrance.

The barons informed the Arch Bishop of Canterbury about how they were feeling and their concerns with King John.

The dramatic end… King John stamping Magna Carta.

Kestrels practise for their History drama script

Year 5 were transported back to England in 1215 during our History lesson this afternoon.

The barons were not happy!

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury got involved as the barons wanted to declare their rights and make new rules, that even a king must obey…

King John had no choice but to agree and on 15th June 1215, the barons presented King John with 63 rules written on parchment – this was called Magna Carta.

King John placed his royal seal on the document to show the world that he agreed to these rules. Some rules were quickly changed, some were broken and some still apply today! Magna Carta showed that it is possible to lay down rules that even a king must obey.

Next week we will film the play!

Learning about King John

This term, Year 5 Kestrel’s History topic is Kings and Queens. We’ve been learning about King John, today we split into two groups, one with Mrs Butterworth and one with Mrs Calbreath. We started practising a short play about The Magna Carta, we assigned parts and ran through lines. Tomorrow we will be performing in front of each other!