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Being Hopeful and Visionary

Today Year 5 continued looking at the disposition in RE of being hopeful and visionary. They read an extract from the Bible (Matthew 25, 31-46) it talked about their hopes at judgement day. It talks about all the good things that have been done in life, all the people who have been helped in their times of need and how these good acts mean that not only is it seen as helping those people but helping God too.

The class made connections to other stories we have read too, like the good Samaritan, who helped a stranger, and Bhai Kanhaiya, who helped fallen enemies in battle.

These stories show how mankind puts others first regardless of faith, colour or creed. They show humanity.

The class went on to look at advent- the coming of Jesus. Each candle on the Advent wreath represents something different and lead up to the four Sundays before Christmas. On Christmas Day a final candle is lit in the middle of the wreath.


Do you have an Advent wreath?

Marriage and Weddings

Year 5 have been looking at marriage and weddings in RE, thinking about joy and how different faiths celebrate their marriages.
Last week we looked at weddings in Islam and this week we are looking at Christian weddings. There are lots of similarities and quite a few differences too. Most of the differences come from culture rather than faith. They are differences that are expressed in different countries.
It was very interesting to discuss the weddings, the meanings of the verses said in the ceremonies and what they mean.
Ceremonies show commitment to each other and a promise that each person tries to keep.
We even watched a short part of Prince Williams wedding. Here it is if you would like to watch some of it too.


Today Year 5 were given a real lesson in injustice! The class were led to believe that Lexi was said to have ripped up a library book (a thing she would never have done!). She was “sent” to Mrs Butterworth. Don’t worry, Lexi was in on the task and played a great part in the scenario. The class were then asked if they knew anything about the incident.

The class leapt to her defence and reeled off a number of reasons why she could not have possibly done it:
Lexi loves books
Maybe those that told on her were not telling the truth
She was outside at lunchtime
Nobody saw her
She couldn’t possibly want to tear up a book

When the children realised it was not true, a number of reactions were expressed about how they felt over the accusation and the injustice:
I felt like crying for her
I was really upset
I was worried
I could not believe she would do that
That made us feel really sad
I was angry at the children that had accused her
The children then discussed how injustices can happen and the circumstances in which they come

They then had a go and drawing a picture and associating colours with the emotions they were feeling through that scenario.

Time to Think

Today year5 looked at reflection and quiet time in Christianity.
Christians will have quiet time to reflect on the word of God written in the Bible.
 They watched a video about Beth, who would sit and read the Bible every morning. She would write parts she liked, her thoughts and her feelings.
She said that it has made her life so much better, improving her relationship with her family and her friends.
We all need quiet time, to think about decisions, our days and our feelings.

A Buddhist visitor

Today, Year 5 had a visit from a Buddhist. He started the session with performing a Buddhist ritual and asked the children lots of questions about what they thought he was doing. They made a very good assumption and asked if he was greeting the Buddha that was sat on the table. He then spoke to the children about different Buddhist beliefs.
They then had a go at meditating. The children appeared to feel very relaxed.

They finished with an opportunity to ask the Buddhist any questions that they had. They all had lots of interesting questions to ask him, including ‘Why do all of the Buddha statues have long ears?’ Apparently there is a myth that states that you can recognise if someone’s a Buddha through whether they have long ear lobes.

Taking part

Today Year 5 looked at why it was good to take part.

There were lots of excellent ideas.

Most people thought it was a good idea whereas others thought it depended on whether the activity was safe, worth it or if it made them uncomfortable.

They went on to discuss how perseverance is important and making mistakes is just another way of learning.
Well done Year 5.

Religious symbols

In RE, the class looked at how religious symbols can be expressed and represented differently in other cultures / countries around the world.

The children discussed a collection of varied representations of Jesus and decided that the actual image of Jesus wasn’t important – the importance is in what Jesus stands for and people’s religious beliefs associated with his image.