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Creative Composing

Upon reaching the end of our music topic, Kestrels had the opportunity to produce some wonderful songs that they composed on their glockenspiels. They have been studying ballads and I’m sure you’ll agree, we have a few budding musicians in our school! Enjoy!


Vocal Talents

Kestrels have been busy learning all the songs ready for their ‘Big Performance’ at Young Voices in January. The children are loving learning the dance routines and performing each Wednesday afternoon. I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re a talented bunch!

Own Compositions

Kestrels have had a fabulous time completing their Music topic this term. They practised some repetitions of crochets and quavers and then composed their own music and performed it within the classroom. It’s been lovely to see them being so creative, take a look at a very brief video showing the children’s talents.

Rock Music

Our topic this half term is Rock music. The children are absolutely loving the songs, especially Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. They have already listened and appraised the song and today, they learnt the lyrics and produced accompaniments on their glockenspiels. So talented year 5!

Water Music

Year 5 have had a fabulous time making ‘Water Music’ to go with our Art project this year. We have been looking at Alejandro Duran who travels the coasts of the world, collecting all the plastic pollution washed up from our oceans and turns it into the most beautiful artwork.
The children were tasked to create music they interpreted as Water and got to sample a range of percussion instruments…they worked in small groups and planned some very effective pieces. The results were amazing! Here’s one of the videos of our very talented bunch!

Composing Music

Year 5 were experimenting with composing music today. They had to think about the number of beats in each bar, which notes would be able to work together to fit into the four beats and the melody they wanted to make.
They had to write the musical notation for their pieces of music too.
A lot of fun was had, lots of hard work in composing was done and some lovely tunes were made.
Have a listen to Jess and Ava’s compositions.
The class went on to evaluate their pieces of music. They had to think about what went well as well as what could have been improved.
For some, they had made quite complicated arrangements, so they were hard to perform fluently. They needed to keep looking at their notations which stopped the flow of the sound.


Amaya and Lexi have learnt a song that teaches them the numbers of Pi.
No spelling mistake….I did mean Pi and not Pie…Hee hee.

But what is Pi?

Succinctly, pi — which is written as the Greek letter for p, or π—is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle.

It is a very long number indeed as you can see. Not a big number, but a very long number as it is a decimal number.

And what is the point of pi?

So there you have it. Pi.
Have a look at Amaya and Lexi singing Pi.
Amazing girls, well done!


Year 5 had a fabulous time this week learning about crochets, quavers and rests. They are now able to write their own short compositions using language to help them clap to the beat such as ‘fly’ for a crochet and ‘spider’ for a quaver.