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Video: Rock music

Year 5 have started their topic of Music this week. We are looking at rock music and have been studying various rock bands and their songs. We have learnt all about how songs are constructed and are now able to keep time and copy other children’s rhythmic hand-clapping patterns.

We ended the session reading music and playing tunes on the glockenspiels… the children we’re amazing!

Video: Bullying rap

Year 5 completed their own Bullying rap this week.

They worked hard to narrate a story in their rap to highlight how a bully can affect people.

They worked well in their groups creating the lyrics, rhyming words and creating a beat.

Below is a rap written by Wana and Fabian – click to enlarge.

Watch some of their creations below:

Writing a rap

Today Kestrels continued with their music- appraising, practicing and writing a rap.

We heard a lovely piece of music today by Johann Strauss -Radetzky Marsch

It was an unusual piece and it was lovely to hear the children appraise it:

Great listening skills Year 5- you are getting great at appraising pieces of music.

The class went on to having another go at the rap and learning more of the verses. Then they got down to writing their own! Some budding songwriters in the class. Watch this space for performances of their raps…

Perfect Christmas sounds


Today Mr Gill has been practicing some Christmas songs with Kestrels. One of our behaviours for learning was key to this lesson to ensure the perfect sound…concentration!

Wana – We had to keep the bells still, waiting for our turn
Leo – It was really tricky watching Mr Gill and playing the bells at the same time!
Daneil – You have to concentrate the whole time!

Our finished atmosphere recordings


Here are some examples of Year 5’s atmosphere recordings. They added sound effects to their ‘Isabel’s Adventure’ stories.

The editing was done in Audancity. I’m sure you agree, some of the recordings sound fantastic creating atmosphere and realism to their stories.

Fabian and Wana’s Atmosphere Recording

Kyann’s Atmosphere Recording

Dharama and Carley’s Atmosphere Recording

Hazel’s Atmosphere Recording

Sahara’s Atmosphere Recording

Amazing music


Today, Year 5 experienced an amazing music lesson taught by Mrs Parry. To start off with, we listened to a spectacular song called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. One of the children exclaimed, “This is my favourite song!” All of the class really enjoyed singing the song in unison. We talked about song genres, keeping the pulse and discussed the types of instruments used in the piece. Mrs Parry also introduced the children to a fantastic tune, which goes by the name of ‘Lean on Me’. Those from karaoke club are familiar with the song so really enjoyed singing it with confidence. The only way it could have been better is if our fabulously fantastic teacher, Mr Johnston, was teaching us (no offence Mrs Parry).

Written by Poppy, Kai and Brianna (influenced slightly by Mr Johnston).

It really was brilliant to see the children enjoying the music and singing so much! We look forward to more sessions over the next few weeks, where the children will be able to show their creativity in a number of ways.

BBC concert orchestra



Today Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Birmingham Symphony Hall. They watched (and heard!) a fantastic performance by the BBC concert orchestra who performed ten pieces of classical music. “Ten Pieces Primary” is for 7 to 11-year-olds and aims to open up the world of classical music to children and inspire them. Besides listening to various classical arrangements, the children were also impressed with the lighting and sheer size of the building! The event was hosted by Naomi Robinson from CBBC and Mr Switch, who is a world champion DJ, also performed in the concert.

Bells for Christmas


At this year’s Christmas Carol service, Year 5 will be preforming a number of traditional carols by bell ringing. The class have been working with Mr Gill to prefect these songs in order to be performed at the service in front of the whole school, parents and carers. On Thursday, year five were lucky enough to be able to give a sneak preview to local Druids Health OAPS and the grandparents of Year 6 who were visiting school to have Christmas lunch with the school council and their grandchildren.
Well done year 5! You were fantastic!

Ringing bells


In preparation for the Christmas carol concert, Mr Gill has been teaching year how to ring bells to create traditional Christmas carols. Year 5 have been doing extremely well and the carols are sounding fantastic already! It has been important to concentrate and know when to play your bell at precise moments.

Year 5 have demonstrated this well and show they can tricky instructions in these Music lessons. They have been learning Silent Night and Away in a Manger. It’s a great way to end the week!