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Understanding maps

We spent some time looking at the different representations of maps and the information they give.

There was a lot to take in and some interesting facts were found.

Evan discovered a small island called “Lewis”.

Lots of children found facts about countries, such as population size.

Daneil found out that 1% of Americas population is over 90 years old.

The class worked collaboratively to look at the different maps and found that all maps have some sort of key which explains the details on the map. The key could show:

– Rivers
– Motorways
– High to low ground
– Ground under sea level
– Lakes
– Population

The class went on to looking at maps of Paris and discovering the human (man made) features and the physical (natural) features found in France.

Homework projects

This blog relates to the Homework Challenge set last week – read here.

Today Kestrels shared their first homework projects that they have been working on this week. The class enjoyed looking at other children’s work, discussing different ideas and presentation techniques. All children gave very sensible positive comments and thought of opportunities for pieces of work to be developed further.

Children were enthused to use some of the new ideas they’d seen and work even harder on their projects for next week.

Emily – It was more interesting because it let you show your own ideas.
Hanson I enjoyed expressing more creativity.
Josh – I enjoyed the freedom.
Leo – I really liked seeing how different people presented their ideas.
Fabian – It stood out that they used a lot of well thought out language.
Nimca – People took real care in their presentation.
Ben – I was proud of the work I did and enjoyed the positive comments people gave me.
Jessica = I put loads of effort into the work and was pleased to get lots of good comments.

Homework challenge

In Year 5 we are experimenting with a different style of homework.

In addition to the usual number facts and spellings that children have to learn, we are sending home an open ended piece of homework. Each piece will only have a title – it is then up to your child’s interests / creativity to take the homework in the direction they wish.

Each week the class will review the work that children produce, with children developing their own success criteria to assess against for each piece of work.

This week’s titles are Arrays and Earthquake, giving children the opportunity to explore the work we have been doing in Maths and Geography.

We can’t wait to see the wonderful work that the children produce!

Conversations about mountains in Scratch



During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Kestrels have been using Scratch to program their sprites (characters) to have a conversation about mountain facts, which they have learned in their Geography lessons.

They have learned to add wait block when one sprite is listening to the other sprite talk.

Kestrels have today started to record their facts into Scratch and then add their sound blocks into their program.

We’ll have the final pieces of work to share with you on our blog tomorrow. In the meantime, you can see the Kestrels working on this project.

Weather presenting scripts

In preparation for next week’s Computing lessons, Year 5 have been preparing their weather forecast scripts. First we watched a video to give us a better understanding of how to present a weather forecast.

Click here for a BBC weather forecast.

We then looked at key terminology and presenting styles and areas of maps ready for when we use the green screen.

Take a look at some of our weather forecast notes!