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What better way to learn the French words for body parts than to sing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ in French!
Well done Kestrels, you kept up well and learnt a new range of nouns this week.


Today year 5 learnt about the verb “avoir” which means “to have”.
They had to learn that there are many different forms of the verb depending on whether you are talking about a male or female or if there is one person or more!
They created an excellent table which helped them refer back to the correct term for the sentence they wanted to say.
They even heard and learnt a song which helped them remember.

Try our finished French mobile apps


Year 5 Kestels have completed their mobile apps with Mr Baddhan and are now available to try. Click the links below to see them in action.

Leah Mc – Click here to try the app
Solomon and Leah MB – Click here to try the app
Charlie – Click here to try the app
Carla and Kaydon – Click here to try the app
Brianna – Click here to try the app
Kai E – Click here to try the app
Poppy – Click here to try the app
Archie – Click here to try the app
Willow – Click here to try the app
Paige – Click here to try the app
Dylan – Click here to the try app
Chelsea – Click here to the try the app
Brianna – Click here to try the app

App Making: Researching our topic


During Computing, Year 5 Kestrels are excited to be making their first mobile phone app. Today they learnt about the following:

– What an app is
– What types of app are there
– Where do you download an app from
– What is a tablet

Kestrels will be designing their own app about France (their current topic). Both Mr Baddhan and Mr Johnston asked the children to research the following areas about France:

– Mountains in France
– Seas / Oceans in France
– Paris facts
– Attractions
– Famous People
– Food

They will be researching all this information and finding appropriate photos to include in their apps.

The apps will be created later this week.

Bienvenue dans notre école! (Welcome to our school!)


It was with great pleasure that Bells Farm hosted a group of French students from Lycée Costebelle School in Hyéres, France, who are spending the week with students of Bishop Challoner Catholic College.

The students kindly accepted our invitation to come to school to help Year 5 Kestrels out with their French topic “Parlez-vous Francais?” Our children took the opportunity to ask the girls lots of questions about their traditions in France, their school system and all about their family lives. We broke up into smaller conversation groups, and the children learned some new words and phrases.

Afterwards, the students with their teacher Madame Lonjon enjoyed a lunch prepared by the Miss Davis and her staff, and Mrs Sabir and Mrs Butterworth continued to pick up language tips! Three of the year six children, Justin, Arjun and Samuel, read their versions of the poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The students and their teacher were very impressed with the quality and delivery of the poetry!

Following a tour of the school, the French party returned to Bishop Challoner. We all agreed that it was a great way of learning about France, and hope that we can do the same again next year!


Fabulous French apres medi!


Thank you so much to Miss Marshall, from ARK Kings Academy Kings Norton, for spending a fact filled French afternoon with Year 5.

The class learnt some facts about France, from the Tour de France to what to find in a ‘patisserie’.

The rest of the afternoon the class wowed us with their foreign accents. They were able to introduce themselves in French and say how old they were.

This was a great start to our France topic and the class starting French this year.