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Author Visit

Year 5 were given a super surprise on the last day of half term! We were visited by Tim, the super author of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer. He had sent a video message for Lily on her last day with us, and wanted to read extracts from his next book!
Thankfully, Tim brought Lord Ted so we could have a cuddle with him. The video was a lovely surprise for Lily and everyone in the class. Tim will be visiting again for his title launch in September, which will be with us here at Bells Farm! How exciting is that!
Tim read out some edited parts of the book that we had heard before, the changes were amazing. The headteacher is now called Mrs Calbreath as well as now EVERY member of Kestrels having their name in the book. Every single member – that is so special. We are all now part of Poppy’s new adventure. It is extra special that Poppy’s new best friend is called Lily Rose (Rosie for short). We can’t wait to read the whole book…well Mrs Sabir has read it but she has been sworn to secrecy….
Tim was kind enough to sign his first book for all those in the class who have bought their own copies.  We are looking forward to seeing our friend Tim again and can not wait for the book launch in September.
Watch this space…

Welcome Back!

A huge welcome back to everyone, especially Year 5. It was lovely to see everyone back in again. We certainly felt like we had shrunk, as so many had grown so much in two weeks!

Well done to everyone who came in with full school uniform, we are at the top end of the school and always need to be a good example to all.

As well as all the exciting news from the holiday, we have been sent the next instalment of Poppy and Lord Ted’s newsletter. It truly is a bumper edition and with all the winners we had for the character competition, it really is a brilliant read. There will be a copy in each classroom for you to read but you can always look on the website or click here.

We have a good start to the term as we dive into our class novel, Pig Heart Boy. Year 5 made some great predictions and recapped newspaper reports ready for further work.

Keep up the good work Year 5.

Poppy and Lord Ted Newsletter April 2022

The children in year 5 have been studying all about Kings & Queens in History. They focused on how the Magna Carta came about and put together a production to show their understanding.

Mr Lo has worked his computer magic on the videos and they are a pleasure to watch!
Please enjoy your children at their most confident…

Group 2


Presenting the Weather

As part of their computing lessons, year 5 have been discussing how the weather is presented: the development process involved and the part technology plays in creating the magic of weather forecasting programs.
Kestrels then got involved in creating their own weather forecast show.
This involved each group: creating the script –> choosing the correct technology –> producing the video.
Kestrels were knowledgeable in the technology required to complete this project. First, they chose our school’s own green screen ( (a green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed and which allows a separately filmed background to be added to the final image) and then took turns using an iPad to capture and edit the video footage.

Top tips when filming
  • Both feet spaced wide apart and flat on the ground to keep yourself steady.
  • Hold the camera / image capturing device (e.g iPad) with both hands.
  • When filming for video to be presented on TV or PC’s , hold the iPad landscape mode.
  • Ensure the subject you are filming is within the centre of the frame.

An Exciting Visitor

Kestrels had a huge surprise this afternoon, when Tim, our favourite author…. Suddenly turned up!

We were so happy to see him again~ and even more shocked because the class were awarded a framed certificate for “exceptional achievement award” all the amazing entries into his competition for a new character for his book. The class were so grateful and loved receiving the certificate.

We then had a zoom assembly and Ava managed to be a finalist in the competition! Well done everyone!


Year 5 have been looking at poems, thinking about their features, learning a poem, performing a poem and writing their own!

There are lots of creative minds in Year 5, so it is good that we have made a book of our poems for our class library.

Here is Jacinta performing her poem: Alicorn

A Busy Week!

Kestrels have enjoyed writing their own poems this week! They have been working extremely hard and will be making a class book to the library. They also enjoyed reading them aloud to the class.
Here are Kestrels enjoying doing some World Book Day activities. They completed word searches and crosswords centred around authors and books.
They have also worked extremely hard on their Viking projects.

Competition Update!

Today Year 5 were lucky enough to have a chance to talk to the author Tim (also known as T M Jorden), author of the brilliant book The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer.
There has been a new competition launched for KS1 and KS2, where they can think up a new character to features in Tim’s next new book (due for release before Christmas 2022).
 Year 5 had an opportunity to discuss their ideas, read them out to him, show him their pictures and ask him about the new book – no spoilers…but we are super excited!
We have been given extra time to finish and give in our entries as we have secured T M Jorden to visit on World Book Day! So, although the competition entries must be in by 28th February, we have until 3rd March when Tim comes to visit.
So, all you budding writers, get those creative minds working, think about a character that Tim could weave into his next book. Remember it will need to be someone/something that can slot into his type of story (so no Star Wars type characters). If you haven’t read the book yet, get reading, get inspired and get writing those descriptions of a character. Draw a picture too if you want, but it is not essential, just a good description so Tim can get a good idea of what the character might do in his story.
Happy creating!

Exciting Competition

Year 5 were lucky enough to have the author T M Jorden come ​and visit us when we were still Robins! Now that we are Kestrels lots of us have read the first book The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted.
There is now a competition!
An amazing chance to create a new character for the next book! As well as that (if that wasn’t amazing enough) the lucky entrant will get to have their school in the story too! So Bells Farm Primary could feature in the next Poppy and Lord Ted book! How fantastic is that?
Character competition CLICK HERE