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Today Year 5 had a challenge! They had to plan and make something that held water. They had 30 minutes to plan and make it. They were going to time how long it could hold water for. The aim was to apply their metacognitive skills.
But what is metacognition?
It is the thinking about thinking- thinking about what you already know about something and using that knowledge. It is very powerful. When we take the time to stop and think about what we already know it means we build on that knowledge and work smarter, rather than rushing into a task.
In this task, talking, discussing, sharing, evaluating along the way is so important.
There were some “cups” that did not hold water for more than 1 second, so it did not do its job. Others held water for over 100 seconds, a couple went for over 800 seconds!
Excellent challenge Year 5.

ERIC in the Library

Year 5 were back in the library today for their ERIC time. The buzz in the library is great to hear as they hunt for known authors, the next book in the series or sit and enjoy their current reading book. It is truly inspiring to see how much Year 5 enjoy reading.
They are always recommending books to each other, and many have two or more books being read at any one time. One from the school library, one from the class library and another from home!
Keep it up Year 5.

Ed Shed and TTRS

The class had some time today to sharpen their skills on Ed Shed and TTRS.
It was easy to see who has been practising at home.
It is important that we practise everyday so that we can complete our Year 5 and 6 words, as well as be quicker with out times tables. We know that confidence with our spellings helps us as writers and readers. Confidence with our times tables helps us with everything in maths, which is so important.
Keep up this confidence year 5.


Year 5 were delving into poetry this morning!
They were all written by the poet Rachel Rooney. Here is a bit about her…
The class had fun reading them…
and discussing them. There was so much to think about. We could relate to each poem, the children even felt like they could describe the children they were like (as well as who in our class they are like! All done in a very positive and kind way, even with the Fidget poem).
It made such a difference in how the poem was read… very emotional.
Have a look at the wonderful poems.


Year 5 performed the conversations they had written between Mrs Zainab and Ayesha from the book Oranges In No Mans Land.
The children worked hard to make the conversation meaningful, concise and to move the story on, with the dilemma. Can Ayesha get over the “green line” to get more medicine for Grandma?
When they critiqued each other they noted humour, questioning and tone of voice they used when expressing themselves. There were some excellent comments made, even points to improve- making more expressions with body language which helps the voice, increasing their volume and stretching words to plead. Some were read too slowly and others too fast – there is a balance, depending on what they were saying.
Some had even written in interruptions in the conversations, which is just like real life! A good idea. Putting details in really helped move the story on.
We could see that confidence grew as they went through their performances.

Oranges in No Mans Land by Elizabeth Laird

Today Year 5 put their conversation skills to test as they role played two characters from a book called Oranges in No Mans Land by Elizabeth Laird.
They have been reading about Ayesha from Lebanon and the dilemma she faces when she realises her Grandmother is very ill again and her medicine has finished. Should she risk her life to get some more medicine? That would mean crossing the “Green Line” and would be extremely dangerous or should she get some help from the family’s close friend Mrs Zainab?
The children role played Ayesha and Mrs Zainab to explore which way Ayesha might go- will she be persuaded NOT to go? Will Mrs Zainab offer to go instead? Will Mrs Zainab forbid Ayesha from going? Will Ayesha listen…or will she risk her own life to save her Grandmother?
What do you think she should say to Mrs Zainab?
What do you think Mrs Zainab should say to Ayesha?

ERIC in the Library

Today Year 5 had a chance to see the newly-sorted, fantastic library!
The books flew off the shelves, as the class devoured them. The Dog Man series was very popular, as well as some of the beautifully illustrated factual books.
We just can’t wait for our next session!