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New book predictions

Year 5 have started a new book ‘How to live forever’. It is an incredible book written by Colin Thompson. The pages are full of colour and intrigue and the children began their first session studying the first few pages in detail with a magnifying glass… a first for some of the children, in English anyway! We made our predictions as to what the story would be about and can’t wait to see if their predictions were correct.

Opposing conjunctions

This morning, year 5 started mind mapping reasons for not doing their home work, these reasons are going to be written in an email form to Mrs Butterworth!

Kestrels had some brilliantly creative ideas; the homework was completed in secret agent pen and is therefore invisible, the home work was accidentally folded into a paper plane and flew away on a gentle breeze, somehow the pet fish escaped from its bowl landed on the home work and made it wet!

Under our reasons, we made a list of opposing conjunctions we could use when writing the email.

Fact files about Queen Elizabeth I

Today, Kestrels in year 5 finished their fact files about Queen Elizabeth I in History.

We then learnt about The Spanish Armada and ordered the events that happened.

The picture we inferred from earlier in the week was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I to celebrate defeating The Spanish Armada. We then understood why she had her hand on the globe in the painting!

We finished the lesson by reading a newspaper report about Henry VIII marrying Anne Boleyn, this will help us when we start to write our report about The Spanish Armada.

Poetry about feelings

We have been writing poems about different feelings in Year 5 Kestrels. We typed up our poems and changed the fonts, colour and size of the text to add interest. Today we started an illustration that compliments the emotion of our poem. Then we will cut up the words and lines from our poem and stick them in and around our illustration.