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ERIC in the Library

Today Year 5 had a chance to see the newly-sorted, fantastic library!
The books flew off the shelves, as the class devoured them. The Dog Man series was very popular, as well as some of the beautifully illustrated factual books.
We just can’t wait for our next session!

A Sensible Debate

Today year 5 had a fascinating discussion about xenotransplantation (transplanting a pig heart into a human). This is the subject in their class novel and they really got into debating the pros and cons of having such a transplant. Tomorrow, the children are going to interview each other on their opinions; with a view to writing a letter of protest to the hospital.

‘Here We Are’ work

In Year 5 we have completed our ‘Here we are’ topic. We have read and studied the book by Oliver Jefferies and produced some incredible work.

The children wrote beautiful poems to go with their day and night pictures, and produced leaflets to inform people about coronavirus. They drafted letters to a special person in their life and came up with their own suggestions for why planet earth is such an incredible place.

Finally they drew pictures to represent themselves and detailed what their hopes are for the future are. We have really enjoyed the topic and here are some pictures of our amazing.

New book predictions

Year 5 have started a new book ‘How to live forever’. It is an incredible book written by Colin Thompson. The pages are full of colour and intrigue and the children began their first session studying the first few pages in detail with a magnifying glass… a first for some of the children, in English anyway! We made our predictions as to what the story would be about and can’t wait to see if their predictions were correct.