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Adding sound to create atmosphere

During the last few Computing lessons with Mr Baddhan, Year 5 Kestrels have been using a new program called Audacity – a sound editing tool. It allows children to edit their recordings and then add sound effects.

The children recorded their suspense stories from a previous English lesson, and then added sound effects downloaded from a website called Sound Bible.

The children were also reminded about the importance of downloading copyrighted files from the internet. Always ask permission from the website or owner.

Here are some edited recordings.



We’ve been working really hard in Year 5 on our spellings. The children have been taking part in investigations to put words into groups according to their sounds such as: tough, drought and although. They all contain the “ough” sound yet all sound different. It’s a challenge but they’re Not giving up.

Writing descriptions

As part of Year 5’s English topic, we are focusing on writing setting and character descriptions.

We started today with a photograph of a setting and we created a mind map of words and phrases we could use in a description.

The children then began to write their own setting descriptions

Take a look at some of their starting sentences…

In the distance, there was a thick layer of fog covering the mountains. – Callum

In the distance, there was a cloud as white as an Artic Fox. – Sophie M

In the distance, mountains as tall as giants were hidden behind a thick layer of pale white fog. – Tiffanie

In the distance, there were mountains as large as giants towering over the village. – Millie

Miss Edwards can’t wait to see these finished!

Video: Poetry performance

Year 5 did brilliantly this morning, performing their poem as part of World Book Week.

They performed “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

So much effort was put into learning their lines and making sure their voices could be heard clearly by everyone.

We were very proud of Jamie for learning his line after being away most of last week and Jake who was put on the spot at the last minute to deliver an extra line!

True teamwork Year 5.

Well done to all the year groups.

Understanding feelings

On Friday, Kestrels class were introduced the book Piggybook, written by Anthony Browne. They started their discussions looking at the front cover of the book and thinking of what the story could be about. We then started to read the book and stopped half way through. This gave us a chance to predict what would happen in the rest of the story. We discovered that the story was based around the mom of the family doing all of the work! They mum called the dad and the boys pigs because they were treating her pretty badly, we discussed how this was a brilliant metaphor.

In today’s lesson we looked at the characters in the story, how we could describe them and how they might be feeling in the story. We described mom as being fed up and feeling like she is taken advantage of. The boys and the dad we described as being useless and lazy!

Tomorrow we will be planning our piece of writing from a characters point of view.