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Chemical Reactions

Kestrels’ latest topic is ‘Changes in Materials’ and this week, they have been finding out what happens when certain chemicals are mixed together in a solution. They were asked to mix water with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar with water and bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.

They learnt that there is a chemical reaction with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar) Hollie certainly did when the balloon exploded from off the top of the test tube!

Chemical changes in materials

 Our new topic of Science this week is ‘Materials and Chemical Changes’. The children started off by having a go at separating a bowl of substances such as: paper clips, sand, sugar and marbles. it was a testing challenge for them but they eventually solved it. They removed the paperclips with a magnet, tipped the remaining substances into a sieve to remove the marbles and then poured the sand and sugar solution through filter paper. The remaining sugar & water solution is sitting by our radiator waiting for the water to evaporate. It was a fabulous lesson and the children have written some very comprehensive instructions to prove their understanding. Well done Kestrels!


Natural and Synthetic Products

Last week in year 5, we learnt all about natural and synthetic products and how synthetic items such as plastic chairs are actually made from a natural resource – Petroleum. The children demonstrated their knowledge of how overusing natural resources will eventually destroy our planet.
They also learnt the damaging effect that producing synthetic items can cause, as these are unable to biodegrade and will eventually end up in landfill (Mrs Calbreath’s least favourite thing in the whole world!) The children then collected some natural resources of their own and had a chance to produce some very lovely artwork. take a look.

Materials and their properties

Kestrels have continued to study the topic ‘Materials and their properties’ and this week, they had to construct a sandcastle using their knowledge of how sand bridges with water. It took a while to get the consistency right but I’m sure you’ll agree.

… they did a fine job indeed!  Special congratulations goes to Harvey and Zi Yan for a rather fabulous sandcastle!


Water Resistance and Friction

This week, the focus in science was water resistance and friction. Kestrels carried out a scientific investigation into which material created the most fiction; using a ramp, a weight and a selection of different materials. They recorded their findings and were able to spot scientific anomalies that had occurred whilst carrying out their investigations.

Phases of the moon

Kestrels have completed their science topic with a fabulous leaflet detailing all the phases of the moon. They are now able to explain all 8 stages of the moon such as waxing crescent and waning crescent. They have thoroughly enjoyed the Earth & Soace topic and are really looking forward to studying Forces this half term.

Big Bang Theory

Our topic in year 5 this half term is Earth & Space.

This week, we have been looking at theories surrounding The Big Bang. The children carried out an experiment to support their understanding of how our universe has been expanding for billions of years, and is continuing to. They marked their balloons with a serious of letters and measured the points before and after the balloons had been blown up to full size. Their explanations on their findings were very informative. Well done Kestrels!