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Friction investigation

Year 5 have ended their forces topic with an investigation into friction. They were asked to test various materials to see which one would be the most suitable material for a set of breaks for a tricycle. They had to decide which variables they would change and which ones would need to stay the same, in order for a fair test to be carried out. It was a fun filled lesson and the children now have an excellent knowledge of both water and air resistance and friction.

Video: Investigating air resistance

Year 5 have been busy investigating air resistance by designing a parachute. They had to consider the variable they wanted to test ie: material, shape of parachute, length of strings etc and then ensure they kept all the other variables the same. They then dropped their parachutes from the same height to see if their predictions were correct. Have a look at our fun videos and photos.

Video 1

Video 2

Spectrum of light

The year 5 children continued their science topic of light, earth and space today by using spectroscopes to study the spectrum of light. They worked together to use various light sources that showed them the range of colours included in a ray of light. Next week, The class will measure the light in the classroom and outside.