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Spectrum of light

The year 5 children continued their science topic of light, earth and space today by using spectroscopes to study the spectrum of light. They worked together to use various light sources that showed them the range of colours included in a ray of light. Next week, The class will measure the light in the classroom and outside.

Organs in the body

Year 5 continued with their Science topic today, learning about organs in the body. The children used a model wearing a replica of the inside of a human’s body to demonstrate their knowledge of our organs and where they are located. They then labelled all the organs and their functions. They have a fabulous knowledge now… well done year 5!

Height investigation

Last week Year 5 Kestrels took part in a series of activities to do with our topic of Animals (including humans) They studied animals and their skeletons, and compared them to that of a human. Then they carried out an investigation to see if being taller makes you a better jumper. They children worked in teams , measured each otter’s legs and then measured the jump each child was able to make. Later this week, we will study the results and plot the information onto a line graph.

Constructing skeletons

Year 5 Kestrels have continued with their topic of Animals, including Humans, and have been constructing their very own skeleton. They have learnt all about the different bones we have in our bodies and what our joints are called. Next week, we’ll be carrying out an investigation to see how strong our bones are (the bones won’t be human of course!)

Bone shapes

Year 5 have started their new topic in Science – Animals including humans. They worked in teams to draw round a child and we”re then asked to draw on all the bones we have in our body and label them, if they could. They did really well apart from a few suspicious looking ‘bone shapes’ on one or two bodies!

Making burglar alarms

Year 5 have finished off their topic of Electricity with a visit from Mr Evans, and his ‘home-made’ burglar alarm…they were very impressed! He told them how he constructed it and all about the resources he’d used and then the children had a go at making one themselves.

It was fabulous to see them applying all their skills and knowledge to produce a working burglar alarm… the classroom is fully wired up now in case of intruders!

Well done Year 5… there’s just Mrs Croft’s headache to get rid of now! 😩