Monthly Archives: November 2013

Well done Year 5!

Well done to Year 5, nearly everyone moved up a group in our times tables club. Some children even moved up 2! Keep up the hard work and nearly all of you will be on the 88club.

We finished our treasure map. Now who knows where the treasure is? This week can be summed up by Sophie “I didn’t like maths, and now I do. I’ve loved maths week!”

Magic Squares

We have discovered countdown today in Year 5 and we love it! Have a go at home, just Google ‘countdown maths investigation’.

We also finished all the clues we could for our treasure map. How many did you manage to get? Tomorrow we will be piecing the map together to see if we can find the treasure.

This afternoons competition was magic squares. Congratulations  to Jordan and Jacob who came first and second. Again if you want to do more or show anyone else just google ‘magic squares’.

DSCN2351 DSCN2352 DSCN2349 DSCN2350

Newspaper tower challenge

What a day! I’ll be seeing newspaper towers in my sleep. Our tower was 2 meters high (how many cm is that?). We have a very good chance of winning with that. Again, another improvement in our times tables. Keep the hard work going. Today also led to more treasure map pieces being achieved. Only a few more clues to go and we might be ready to solve the puzzle of the treasure!

Beautiful patterns

Today the class were using rotational symmetry to create beautiful patterns. They used either tracing paper or a piece of card to replicate their pattern. It was great to see such a range of colours used and this has made some amazing works of art. We also started our maths treasure island hunt! We are finding the answers to maths puzzles to gain parts of a treasure map and hunt down the treasure.


Maths Week!

This week we’re holding a maths themed week in school. It will be full of fun and exciting activities, competitions and games for all the children (and families) at Bells Farm. We will be sending home a family quiz, where all the answers will be numbers, will be holding daily competitions or challenges and will even be involving the school kitchen where each day’s menu will have a maths ‘theme’!

On Friday we are hoping you will all get involved by sending your child into school with a maths themed hat……it could be a baseball cap with numbers or a bonnet with shapes, a spiral hat with number lines or sequences…..we know how inventive you all are. We will send out some more ideas at the start of the week, but perhaps you can get your thinking caps on now (maths ones of course) in readiness.

We know the children at Bells Farm all enjoy and get a lot of learning from our themed weeks, and this maths week will be no exception. We want to show the children that maths IS fun and can be creative and enjoyable in many different ways.