Monthly Archives: March 2014

A nonsense poem!

The last week in year 5 we have encountered a tail where the Sun appears at night: where Carpenters can be the same as Butterflies and Oysters can walk.

We have interviewed a Oyster and we are now thinking like a Walrus.

This may all seem nonsense and you’d be right, it is!

We’ve been looking at Lewis Carols nonsense poem ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ from Alice in Wonderland. From it we’ve created a newspaper report, debated whether the Walrus was right in what he did and are know creating diary entries as the Walrus (hence thinking as a Walrus).

Why not ask a member of year 5 to explain more?

What a fantastic end to a brilliant book week!

Year 5 have worked so hard on our pages for the school book. They have either written, found facts or pictures for our classes pages. It looks amazing! I can’t wait until we can buy the book. Ask the children how good it looks, we have seen the pages ourselves and done the last bit of editing.

Friday, it was great seeing all the children dressed in their favorite book characters. Well done to the children who also brought in the books their character belonged to. Never before have I seen the Joker in the same room as Matilda!

Enjoy the photos guys! Why not leave a comment about what you liked about world book day.