Monthly Archives: April 2014

Greek myths

Welcome back everyone.

What a mythical start to the week we’ve ┬áhad! We have just started our new topic Ancient Greece. We’ve started reading some Greek myths full of strange names and events. Why not ask year 5 what some of these are.

Literacy has had some great group work this week finding out everything we can about non-chronological reports. What a mouth full of a word but it just means a report that isn’t in time order.

Enjoy  the pictures of some of the class working so well together.


Green fingered Year 5

Yesterday some of us ventured out into our growing beds, in the playground, to take part in the school potatoes competition. We carefully planted the strange looking potatoes (not your usual mashing or roasting variety) for growing more potatoes.

Hopefully we will grow the most and the best. Come on Year 5 potatoes!

A very important visitor

Last week the Mayor of Birmingham visited Bells Farm for our attendance assembly. He was kind enough to then come into our class and show his ‘necklace’ as the children called it.

We were able to see the gold book it holds with all the names of the past majors. Where do we get one of those for our library? A gold book would be quite something. Needless to say the children in class 5 really enjoyed looking at the precious book.

The Mayor also offered his support to get a reply for the letter we sent regarding the closure of local swimming baths. Next time we will write straight to him!


The life cycle of a chick!

Today year 5 paid close attention to the eggs from Reception class, through the webcam feed (have a look! It’s fab).

We wanted to know what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Turns out it’s nether because they are part of a life cycle and it all just starts again with no beginning or end.

So… not the profound answer we were after but one that makes sense at least.

Good work year 5.