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Fabulous football scenes



What a great afternoon Year 5 has had and what fantastic football scenes. The class was given the brief to create a scene from the World Cup. They were told they could use anything they wanted from the art trolley to do it and the pictures show what they came up with.

They are such a creative class. We have a cloud football scene, a paper model of a football stadium complete with ASDA next door and a very detail effort with refs and key players.

I was so impressed at how well year 5 worked together on these. Find out on Friday which team were the winning entry.

Written by Miss Birmingham.

Evaporation Experiment


This afternoon year 5 started their evaporation experiment. We are leaving water around the school in different places where the temperature is different. We are seeing if the higher temperatures change the the amount of water evaporated.
We will be observing the changes this week to see if more heat really does increase evaporation.

After that we will look at the opposite of evaporation. Does any one in year 5 know what that is called. Prize for the first year 5 student to come and tell me the name of the opposite of evaporation.

Fantastic Football Tour


Written by Miss Birmingham

What a brilliant day year 5 have had, we went to Birmingham City FC’s St. Andrews stadium.

Where to start? I’m not even a big football fan and I loved it today. We met out tour guide outside, Rick, and he took us inside and out into the stadium. We couldn’t get over how big it is.

Some of the class got to sit in the expensive seats which get heated in the winter and have their very own screens to watch replays on.

We went into the players tunnel and say the visiting teams changing room. It was okay but the home changing room was so much better. Instead of one bench for physiotherapy they had a whole room for it, complete with an ice bath!

We saw where the pre and post match interviews take place and went inside the refs room. We each had a go at being the ref and pressing the buzzer to give 2 minutes warning before the match.

Then, the nerve wrecking part! The walk to the tunnel and wait before the match with the opposing team. Stood in the two lines we could imagine what it feels like for the player.

We even got to see where the trouble makers are kept during the game by the police. The children had a go at seeing what it felt like to be locked up during the game. Of coarse we let them back out.

Just before lunch we had pictures with the Carling cup. After lunch we had a quick look in the shop. Lots of goodies for the blues fans.

Enjoy the pictures, we all had a fabulous day!