Monthly Archives: September 2014

It’s all going swimmingly


Year 5 have had a great first week swimming at Tiverton Pool.

Everyone has come along so much in just the first week. Some are even starting to resemble fish in the water, they are getting that good. Others are able to swim a 10 meters when they couldn’t at the start of the week.

I know I’ve enjoyed teaching my little group and they have definitely enjoyed this week as well.

We can’t wait until next week to see how much we improve then.

Swimming at the weekend anyone?

Fabulous French apres medi!


Thank you so much to Miss Marshall, from ARK Kings Academy Kings Norton, for spending a fact filled French afternoon with Year 5.

The class learnt some facts about France, from the Tour de France to what to find in a ‘patisserie’.

The rest of the afternoon the class wowed us with their foreign accents. They were able to introduce themselves in French and say how old they were.

This was a great start to our France topic and the class starting French this year.