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Estimating skills


Today Miss Birmingham’s maths group tested their estimating skills by working out the capacity of ordinary household bottles.

They realised that height does not mean a larger capacity and a litre was bigger than they thought.

Each group improved their estimating skills and practised reading off a scale to measure the actually capacities.

Miss Birmingham saw some excellent examples of team work. Keep it up.

Estimating capacity

Photo 28-01-2015 09 47 43

Year 5 today did a lesson on estimating capacity. They measured the sizes of different containers in ml’s. They found out what a spoon could hold and then found what a cup and a jug could hold. Afterwards they could determine the size of the various bottles in the class according to their own judgement. A fun and practical way to engage their own predictions.

Crime scene: Missing computer

DSCF0372 DSCF0371

Miss Birmingham’s feeling was correct. On their return to the class room on Wednesday, Year 5 discovered a crime scene.

Yellow markers were found where evidence had been discovered and on the teachers desk was a very clear space which used to house the class computer.

Luckily the criminal had put his fingers in the ink pad – still out after yesterdays science lesson. He left inky finger marks all over the tables. A note was found saying “Sorry I need this today” and a muddy footprint was found by the door.

One person is thought to have witnessed event through the window.

Will this witness come forward?
Were year 5 able to use their scientific forensic skills to solve this crime?
Who will be able to report all the answers to this mystery?

Miss Birmingham has a feeling year 5 will be able to!

Crime scene investigators!


This afternoon Year 5 learnt how individual fingerprints are unique. They studied their own prints then some of the teachers.

Using these new detective skills they matched up writing and fingerprints with samples given from the teachers.

What will Year 5 use their new skills for?
What mysteries will need to be solved?
What ‘crimes’ could happen that will need these amateur detectives?

Mad Professor McGinty


What an amazing visit from the mad Professor himself. He had come all the way back from visiting Ancient Greece to tell Year 5 Kestrels all about it.

We learnt about the ancient Greek coins and heard some amazing facts already from the class about the Gods. The professor showed us the different work they did; sewing, fishing, selling and making armour.

The girls were thrilled to hear that in ancient Greece they wouldn’t have gone to school. That was until they realised they would have had to clean and wash and cook for the boys then marry a 40 yearold at 14 years old.

Some children had a go at dressing like the ancient Greeks did.

Look at our pictures and please comment about something you remember Year 5!