Monthly Archives: February 2015

Exciting fire safety competition!


Year 5 have been invited to take part in a fire safety competition. This fantastic opportunity will allow them to compete with other schools to win the West Midlands prize for fire safety. It is all online based and consists of 6 sections. Each child will be given a username and password and the top 6 from the class maybe able to compete in a final.

Logins will be given out next week and a fireman will be coming into school to do the first session with the class in a few weeks.

How exciting! To find out more right now have a look – click here.

Cricket coaching


Year 5 started their five weeks of cricket coaching this week. The first week was for the coach to see the skills they already have. Then the coach will target to enhance and improve those skills.

Children who already are showing promise are, Josh for his fantastic bowling skills, Jacob for his fielding skills and Shadan for effort and enthusiasm in every part.

We look forward to next week!

Safety Superheros

Megan is modeling her hero's mustache
Megan is modeling her hero’s mustache

Year 5 took to heart all the internet safety messages that they have been learning and came up with their own internet safety superheros – during our Safer Internet week!

Take a look at the concentration on their faces, making sure their superheros will be super at keeping children safe on the internet.

Megan is modeling her hero’s mustache‚Äč, if you were wondering.

Super Scientists


Year 5 really enjoyed the ThinkTank’s visit to school this afternoon to help them explore electricity. They learnt how static is actually electricity. Some children from the class got a chance to experience this for themselves.

The most shocking discovery was that electricity can jump! So when it says keep away from live wires – really do keep away. Electricity is lazy and will just go through you if it’s easier!