Monthly Archives: March 2015

Amazing eclipse!


What an amazing experience to have shared this morning.

I was an experience not to forget for the selected children who were outside. It felt like an evening with the sky even going pink like it was dusk.

Thankfully the clouds parted and the a clear view was given for this once in life time event.

Miss Birmingham let the children safely see the eclipse by projecting it through a pair of binoculars onto a sheet of paper.

Simply amazing!

Photos taken by Rubi in Kestrels class.

3D madness


Year 5 have have been exploring shapes and spaces. They have really worked on naming all sorts of 3D shapes and even went on a shape hunt to find the properties of 3D shapes.

With all this knowledge they then recreated a 3D shape by creating a 2D net of it using what they had learnt about their properties.

Bowled over by bowling


It was Year 5’s second day of cricket training yesterday where the focus was on bowling.

It was incredible the change that was seen. We now have a class full of bowlers suitable for cricket. It took a while to get out of the habit of throwing but when they did, the difference was definitely seen.

Remember guys, T with your feet, one arm at 12 o’Clock and the other at 6, rotate your arms and let go of the ball when it’s at the top.