Monthly Archives: June 2015

Sports Day

Well done to all the Kestrels for their fantastic efforts in Sports day! Wonderful team spirit and sportsmanship! It was a joy to see you cheering the whole class on… as well as the other classes.
Thank you to all the family members and friends that came along to support them- a wonderful atmosphere on a gloriously sunny day.

I was especially proud of the class as they thanked Mr Gill for organising the great mornings events, when he came round to see them later in the day.

Keep up the impeccable manners and team spirit Kestrels.

NSPCC workshop


Kestrels were very well informed today when they had an NSPCC Childline workshop. They had lots of very mature discussions around scenarios and dilemmas where they may need to informed a trusted adult.

They all looked great doing the dance to remember the Childline number!

Well done Kestrels, you should great maturity again.

Table of the Week winner!


Well done to Holly who has won the half termly draw for table of the week twice. Brandon also won this half term.

Each child from the best table each week gets a raffle ticket in the pot. At the end of the term 1 or 2, names are drawn out and they get a book of their choice.

Keep going for those table points Year 5, ask Holly and Brandon, they pay off. Extra special prize for the end of the year draw!

Table of the week!

Congratulations to Holly and Brandon who were picked out of Year 5’s half termly draw for winning table of the week. They will each get a prize; a book of their choice. Year 5 remember, the winners will get entered into a draw. The end of term prize, this term, will be something very special! It’s all to play for, as they say.


This week Year 5 have looked at change during our circle time. We thought about what we would change if we could run the school, rule the country or change the world. Their ideas ranged from covering the school to furry pink wallpaper and making everyone rich.

What would you change in the world, if you could?