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Video: Film trailers about ‘The Last Wild’

Year 5 have been reading The Last Wild by Piers Torday. Using iMovie on the iPads they have worked in small groups to create film trailers for it! Using key messages from the story line, without any spoilers, they have tried to enthuse viewers into watching the film!

If only we could actually make a whole film from the book…

Well done Kestrels, we can really work on these skills next year using the wonderful books you will read as Eagles.

Trailer by Arjun, Justin and Jacy

Trailer by Faith, Paige, Shadan and Sophie

Trailer by Ben, Megan, Daniel

7/7 – one minute silence

Kestrels have shown a huge amount of compassion and maturity today. They requested holding a minutes silence to mark the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 London attacks.

Having taken in the news of the memorial service in Hyde Park children made sure they reminded me it was almost 11.30 so the class could hold the minutes silence. Well done Kestrels.

Welcome Antonio!

A great start to the week for Kestrels. We have been joined by a new member of the class and Kestrels have really worked together to make him feel welcome! Welcome to our Kestrel Antonio.

So many wanted to be his Buddy and show him around. It was pleasing to see how happy our new member was all day, proving the Kestrels ability to welcome a pupil into the class.

Once again well done Kestrels and keep it up.

Year 5 try out being in Year 6


Year 5 spent the day today with Mrs Croft in Year 6. The children were extremely positive about moving classrooms in September and had a great day. They learnt an awful lot about each other (even in such a short space of time) and can’t wait to get started on what will be a tough but very rewarding year for the children.

The children completed a passport into Year 6, as well as a letter to Mrs Croft introducing themselves and sharing facts. Monitors were decided ready for September and a brief introduction to how their new classroom will run was given. In the afternoon they made Zappy Zoomers and went outside to fly them, learning a little about air resistance.

Take a look at some of the photos.