Monthly Archives: October 2015

Try our finished French mobile apps


Year 5 Kestels have completed their mobile apps with Mr Baddhan and are now available to try. Click the links below to see them in action.

Leah Mc – Click here to try the app
Solomon and Leah MB – Click here to try the app
Charlie – Click here to try the app
Carla and Kaydon – Click here to try the app
Brianna – Click here to try the app
Kai E – Click here to try the app
Poppy – Click here to try the app
Archie – Click here to try the app
Willow – Click here to try the app
Paige – Click here to try the app
Dylan – Click here to the try app
Chelsea – Click here to the try the app
Brianna – Click here to try the app

School Councillors


Recently, every class in the school were asked to nominate two members of their class to represent the year in the School Council. The Kestrels nominating and voting process was very democratic and candidates were asked to produce a speech to deliver in front of the class. As there were many children who wished to become a councillor in Year 5 (which was excellent to see!) a few rounds of voting took place.

The class decided to elect Carla and Kaydon to represent Year 5 Kestrels! We are very happy to have you as our councillors and sure that you will do a fantastic job!

Carla and Kaydon attended their first meeting with Mrs Snipe and Mr Koeri this past Monday,

Shapes and Angles


Year 5’s new topic in Maths is Shapes and Angles. As a refresher, Mr Johnston set the children a task to find out the angles between two lines and to draw some triangles of their own, ensuring angles add up to 180 degrees.

Kayden volunteered to come to the front of the class and use the visualizer to explain how he used a protractor to measure an angle. Kayden was able to give a method very clearly, step by step.

App Making: Creating the app


Year 5 Kestrels continued working on their France app. The children have collected a range of facts and information about France and today started to build their app.


They have all made some fantastic progress and so excited to work on their apps. Some of the children have given unique names and even priced their apps.

We’ll hopefully have some finished apps next week to show you on this blog.



This week, Mr Coulson taught Year 5 hockey in the hall which was a very fast paced lesson that the children enjoyed. The children took part in small drills in groups to test their reactions and memory in activities which required passing the ball in a small area. To finish, Year 5 played a skittles game in their teams which was much more difficult than it looked!

Video: Harvest assembly


On Wednesday, Year 5 preformed their Harvest assembly to the whole school and parents and it was a massive success!

Year 5 sang some traditional and modern Harvest songs along with reading a story of Harvest. They performed alongside a huge amount of food that was donated by the school community. This will be given to Spear Head trust and distributed to the local community. Thank you to everyone who kindly contributed!

The children did incredibly well and some were able to memorise their lines without the aid of a script!

Mr Johnston, Mrs Johnson and Mr Koeri are very proud of all the Kestrels for participating in the assembly.

App Making: Researching our topic


During Computing, Year 5 Kestrels are excited to be making their first mobile phone app. Today they learnt about the following:

– What an app is
– What types of app are there
– Where do you download an app from
– What is a tablet

Kestrels will be designing their own app about France (their current topic). Both Mr Baddhan and Mr Johnston asked the children to research the following areas about France:

– Mountains in France
– Seas / Oceans in France
– Paris facts
– Attractions
– Famous People
– Food

They will be researching all this information and finding appropriate photos to include in their apps.

The apps will be created later this week.