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‘Scarecrow Christmas’ poem

With Christmas just around the corner, Year 5 have been looking at poems which cultivate awareness of people around the world who are less fortunate then themselves. The aim being to encourage Year 5 to consider imagery and discuss people who are in difficult situations, at this time of year. The poem which we have looked at in particular is Pie Corbett’s “Scarecrow Christmas”.


Warning tale

Year 5 have been working very hard at writing a warning tale. They began the week planning their tale using the boxing up method, where they were able to plan the key areas of their tale such as, opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. Once this was complete, the children wrote tales of a high quality. Children redrafted parts of their stories, and reviewed and corrected their own mistakes. Aidian, Archie, Brianna, Kaydon and Maisy were entered into today’s excellent work assembly! Well done! Maisy’s work is featured here:



Bells for Christmas


At this year’s Christmas Carol service, Year 5 will be preforming a number of traditional carols by bell ringing. The class have been working with Mr Gill to prefect these songs in order to be performed at the service in front of the whole school, parents and carers. On Thursday, year five were lucky enough to be able to give a sneak preview to local Druids Health OAPS and the grandparents of Year 6 who were visiting school to have Christmas lunch with the school council and their grandchildren.
Well done year 5! You were fantastic!

Four ways to solve a division sum


In Maths, we have been concentrating on division this week and Mr Johnston shown children four ways to solve a division sum. There is a photo of this below for parents, carers and children to refer to. In order to show grouping in actions, the class used counters to demonstrate how you can share an amount of items such as imaginary donuts or cupcakes amongst friends! Leah and Reece worked together to solve a wide range of division problems.

Gymnastics techniques


In PE, Year 5 took part in a gymnastics lesson concentrating on technique. Children were lead into a dynamic warm up then went around the hall in small groups using the apparatus. Zara preformed an excellent arabesque and Isabel a forward roll from a raised platform which looked especially difficult! Well done!