Monthly Archives: February 2016

Cricket techniques


On Tuesday Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic cricket coaching session with TSR.

The children developed their bowling and fielding techniques, during a fun filled session, which is leading to them taking part in a multi school tournament in the Summer Term. Throughout the children displayed great enthusiasm, excellent listening skills and perseverance in trying to master challenging techniques.

All the children agree that they can’t wait for next week’s session.

Multicultural Britain

Year 5 Kestrels looked at Britain in PSHE today. We discussed what multicultural meant and how the diversity enhances our country.

The class had some lovely comments and were wonderful at finding the many colourful threads that make up Britain.

Kestrels could name languages, food and customs as some of the many aspects of our multicultural society.

We are looking forward to extending our discussions further.

“Multicultural means the multiple ways that people live in Britain.” Cody