Monthly Archives: March 2016

British Values Week

During British Values Week, Kestrels focused on developing their understanding of democracy. The children held very sensible whole class discussions and researched democracy independently before creating their own information texts. The children’s writing was fantastic, as were their individual ideas in how to structure the texts.



Today in groups, we drew around a child’s body on sugar paper. Then, around the outside of the body, we wrote things that happen in the classroom that cause relationships to and friendships to break down. Just inside the surface of the body we wrote how those actions make us feel. Following this we considered what we could do to make someone feel better / to mend relationships and to show you care for each other.

Learning about forces


In preparation for two weeks packed with a variety of Science experiments, Kestrels have been discussing what they know about forces and how they play a part in our every day life. Today they compared running normally with running while holding a large bin bag. Their comments included, “It was little a massive pressure on my shoulders.” and, “It really slowed me down.” The children realised that it was the air collecting in the bin bag / air resistance that slowed them down.

The class have decided to investigate parachutes next week and the hypothesis, “The bigger the parachute the more it will slow you down.”

Be happy and stay positive

Following a very interesting Peacemakers session on Monday afternoon, Kestrels took time to consider many of the messages they had discussed with Phil.

The class watched a video of primary school children singing in Sierra Leone, after learning a little about the history of the country.

We then thought about lessons we could learn from the song and the session we had with Phil.