Monthly Archives: June 2016

Number Clubs


Well done to the following children for achieving fantastic results in their Number Clubs on Friday.

Dylan, Chelsea, Sundus, Poppy-Rose, Reece, Kai E, Aidan, Maisy, Paige, Solomon, Willow, Isabel, Emi, Jimmy, Brianna, Kai M and Archie.

A special well done to Charlie for completing the Mega Champions Club.


Amazing music


Today, Year 5 experienced an amazing music lesson taught by Mrs Parry. To start off with, we listened to a spectacular song called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. One of the children exclaimed, “This is my favourite song!” All of the class really enjoyed singing the song in unison. We talked about song genres, keeping the pulse and discussed the types of instruments used in the piece. Mrs Parry also introduced the children to a fantastic tune, which goes by the name of ‘Lean on Me’. Those from karaoke club are familiar with the song so really enjoyed singing it with confidence. The only way it could have been better is if our fabulously fantastic teacher, Mr Johnston, was teaching us (no offence Mrs Parry).

Written by Poppy, Kai and Brianna (influenced slightly by Mr Johnston).

It really was brilliant to see the children enjoying the music and singing so much! We look forward to more sessions over the next few weeks, where the children will be able to show their creativity in a number of ways.

Measuring mass and volume


During Maths lesson, the children had to estimate the mass and volume of different objects. Once they had done this, the children weighed the objects and measured the volumes accurately to see how well they had estimated. Following the initial one or two measurements, they used what they had learnt to adjust their estimates for the other objects. The children worked well in pairs and made sensible choices to find the most effective method for measuring the volume and capacity of their objects.

Number Clubs


Well done to all the following children for going up in their Number Clubs.

Zara, Isabel, Josh, Willow, Aidan, Brianna, Dylan, Solomon, Kaydon, Kai E, Phoebe, Poppy-Rose, Leah MB, Charlie, Leah Mc, Cody, Archie, Kian and Chelsea.

A special well done to Jimmy who has reached the Magic 100 Club.

Girls at Turves Green


The Year 5 girls visited Turves Green Girls School to take part in some brilliant activities. After being treated to a lovely breakfast we listened to a talk from the Medieval Man. He explained all about the Normans and their castles. Well done to Brianna, Leah, and Isabel for volunteering to dress up as Norman soldiers. Mya helped to explain and demonstrate the advantages of using a Trebouchet during battle.

After a little break in the sunshine, the girls went to do some baking in the Food Technology room. The girls had to follow step by step instructions to make some scones, they listened really well and within the hour had produced some delicious scones. Just before they left they went back outside to have a quick Science lesson and a demonstration of water rockets which was very exciting. Well done to all the girls, their behaviour and manners were amazing.

Boys at Turves Green Boys


The boys from Year 5 were invited to Turves Green Boys secondary school this morning.

They were exceptional in their behaviour and were even greeted with “Ahh Bells Farm, always so well behaved.” They did themselves proud!

They were invited in for toast and squash before we even started- that set them off to a great start. Then it was off to the DT rooms to be introduced to Mr Wilson their teacher for the morning. He showed them how they were going to make a drag car! It looked pretty complicated but the boys got stuck in and made great efforts to help each other for the fiddly and tricky parts.

Kaydon proved that perseverance was essential as he asked for help with one part but soon I could hear him saying “It’s fine Mrs Sabir… I have managed it!” That seemed to be the theme for the morning- lots of perseverance and effort.

Soon the cars were made, boxes complete, details decorated onto both and the boys were ready to race!

It was a pleasure to watch them maturely race each other and then the other group. Well done boys.

Controlling emotions


Kestrels enjoyed playing Exploding Chairs, where the children had to maintain a calm manner while engaged in a competitive activity. The children then also had to communicate in calm manner with one another, working as a team. This session helped to develop the children’s skills in controlling their emotions within stressful situations.