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This week Kestrels were watching interesting clips and gathering information all about volcanoes. So what have we found out?

Nimca – Mount Etna is Europe’s most active volcano
Hanson – Lava can flow 25 miles per hour
Kyann – The core is made up of iron and nickel
Lewis – The earths crust is 50km thick

One of our behaviours for learning – ‘active listening’ was key in order to complete the work and gather the correct information, so a big well done year 5. If you want to watch the clips we were watching follow the link below –

Well done Omari!

Year 5 are putting huge amounts of effort into their homework, well done!

Last week we saw Hanson’s fabulous PowerPoint and this week we say a massive well done and thank you to Omari, he was given homework on ‘life cycles’ but Omari decided to go above and beyond to produce this wonderful PowerPoint.

Omari – the research was the trickiest part, it had taken lots of time to find the facts.




Roaring lion in Scratch



Year 5 Kestrels used their knowledge in Scratch to program a roaring lion. They constructed a lion using lego and then used motor block in Scratch to set the right amount of power and duration.

The children enjoyed today’s activity and also found ways to debug if the program caused the lego to break with too much motor power.

See some their work in action below.


Wana, Fabian and Henry

Homework projects

This blog relates to the Homework Challenge set last week – read here.

Today Kestrels shared their first homework projects that they have been working on this week. The class enjoyed looking at other children’s work, discussing different ideas and presentation techniques. All children gave very sensible positive comments and thought of opportunities for pieces of work to be developed further.

Children were enthused to use some of the new ideas they’d seen and work even harder on their projects for next week.

Emily – It was more interesting because it let you show your own ideas.
Hanson I enjoyed expressing more creativity.
Josh – I enjoyed the freedom.
Leo – I really liked seeing how different people presented their ideas.
Fabian – It stood out that they used a lot of well thought out language.
Nimca – People took real care in their presentation.
Ben – I was proud of the work I did and enjoyed the positive comments people gave me.
Jessica = I put loads of effort into the work and was pleased to get lots of good comments.

Our friendship tree


Year 5 have been looking at being Loyal and Steadfast as part of our RE. In particular we are discussing “commitment” and what that mean to us and in different religions. Christians show commitment, as do many other religions, to following the word of God.

But is it easy? We thought about issues that may come up along the way.

As a class we discussed how we could show commitment to each other as friends by being nice or kind throughout a whole week.

We decided that through the week, if something nice was done for us or to us we would write it on a flower or a leaf and stick it on our friendship tree. We will come back to the tree and see how things have grown over the days and discuss how it can be hard to maintain commitment.

Here is a picture of our friendship tree looking a little bare, we hope that during the week it will flourish with acts of kindness, keep checking our blog page to see how our friendship tree grows.