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Christmas Party/ Mannequin challenge

Kestrels have worked so hard today producing their poems that it was only fair to have an amazing afternoon! Cakes, chocolates, sweets and squash followed by lots of dancing and watching films. But we could not finish the term without giving the mannequin challenge a go. It looks like we also have some professional dancers in the making too!

Mannequin challenge attempt video

Party time for Year 5!

Kyann’s poem

Kyann's poem
Kyann’s poem

Our kind comments friendship tree


A couple of weeks ago during PSHE, we were discussing friendship and how we can treat others in a kind way. Our tree looked bare, with no kind messages from our Kestrels class. Take a look at our tree now! here are just some of our kind comments we have added to our tree:


Well done Kestrels, these small acts of kindness make our class an amazing team to be part of.

A special audience


We have had an eventful day today! First we watched the Receptions class Nativity dress rehearsal which was fantastic! Then some of the Kestrels had lunch with family members then shown them a sneak preview of our bells performance and children in the school choir also got to sing to family.