Monthly Archives: January 2017

Think Tank trip

Today Year 5 have been to visit the Think Tank to learn more about space and the solar system as part of our science topic. We were first invited into the theatre for a space mission show! The memebers of staff were selecting children to represent planets, and also turning some into mini astraonauts, disucssing what items would be best to take to space and how they survive. we then looked at different pressures needed to ensure a rocket would be able to take off!

Tim Peake

We then explored the rest of the museum where we noticed a special Tim Peake exhibition, we are very proud of kestrels for their incredible behaviour throughout the day. All behaviours for learning were being followed whilst out of school, we have had a fantastic day!

Anglo-Saxon riddles

In keeping with Kestrels’ focus on Learning Behaviours this week and introducing our History topic, the children started the morning by trying to solve some Anglo-Saxon riddles.

All children engaged readily in the task, demonstrating excellent Active Listening and Critical Thinking / Creativity in trying to work out what the riddles described.

The children managed to work out the first two riddles, below, but remain stuck on the third one. Can anyone else work out what the riddle is describing?

Maths challenge

Since the start of this academic year, Friday morning was by far Mr Johnston’s most enjoyable as a teacher and he felt immensely proud of all the children in the class. Seldom, if ever, has he seen a class collaborate so effectively and take complete control of their learning, as Kestrel’s did today.

From a point where they were very uncertain of how they would approach the problem, they quickly started finding pieces of information and using those to find the next piece of the puzzle.

All children demonstrated excellent behaviours for learning (in particular Active Listening, Perseverance and Critical Thinking).

It has been an incredibly positive start to the term and Mr Johnston can’t wait to see the progress the children make in the weeks to come!

Moon made of cheese!

Kestrels have started working on their new Science topic, Earth and Space. As a different introduction to this they considered what it would be like if the moon were made of cheese.

This also built on the Learning Behaviours work that they have been doing already over the past two days.

Ideas the children came up with include:

The class really look forward to going to Think Tank next week, where they will enjoy the Space Mission Show.