Monthly Archives: February 2017

Effective learners

Today in R.E. Kestrels discussed ways we can be an effective learners to ensure we can be the best we can possibly be.

This is what Kestrels described as an effective learner:

• Be the best you can be
• Follow rules
• Concentrate
• Curiosity – ask questions!
• Good/active listening
• Good behaviour
• Homework can help and improve your learning
• Stay calm – quiet environment/class can help improve learning
• Critical thinking
• Perseverance
• Environment – Ensuring our class is safe and comfortable

We are hoping you spotted some behaviours for learning in that lost that we follow across school.

Creating shapes using Logo

On Friday, Kestrels enjoyed developing their programming skills using Logo. Once the children had mastered making squares, they then set themselves personal challenges. Some used rotation and the repeat function to create patterns with their shape. Others decided to create various different 2D shapes. The children showed excellent critical thinking throughout the lesson, refining their algorithms, to create their desired effect.

Think Tank comes to our school

Kestrels had such an amazing day at the Think Tank, and our fabulous behaviour must have made the Think Tank team want to visit Bells Farm. This week Think Tank set up a planetarium in school, whilst inside we got to learn all about different planets. Year 5 particularly enjoy looking at the stars above and the constellations, this is a group of stars that form a particular shape in the sky and have been given a name.

What did Kestels enjoy most?
Lewis – It was amazing! I felt a little dizzy in there but it was a cool way to learn about planets.
Wana – It was really fun, my favourite part was when we were looking up at the stars and trying to guess what shape they formed.
Sahara – The planets surrounding us made the learning more fun.

Number Clubs

Wow! An amazing number of children that are staying within their club but have passed their test this week:


And a HUGE well done to the following children that have moved up a club:

Wana – Starting on the ‘Magic 100’ club. Well done!

Spam and junk mail

Year 5 Kestrels discussed spam and junk mail as part of their e-Safety lesson for Safer Internet Week.

It was clear they knew the pitfalls of having so much junk mail come through the letterbox.

It is good to know that Year 5 are not fooled by the junk mail that they receive!

We went on to discussing “junk mail” online, which is known as spam and can be pop ups.

We discussed what to do and not to do when you receive these.

The children completed a quiz and it was clear they understand not to click on pop ups or investigate junk mail.

They know not to give out any personal information to these too.

Well done Year 5! You are e-Safe!

Fractions progress

The children took time today to evaluate the progress that they have made in Maths this term. The have focussed almost entirely on Fractions and have made tremendous progress.

The areas that they have progressed through include:
– Equivalent fractions
– Ordering and comparing fractions
– Finding values between two fractions
– Adding and subtracting fractions
– Multiplying fractions
– Converting between mixed numbers and equivalent fractions

The class are keen to share what they have learnt so have decided to produce some resources which will help other children understand fractions more clearly (and maybe even their own parents and carers).

We look forward to creating the learning resources and hope to post them on the school website in the next few weeks.

Anglo-Saxons information texts

Kestrels have spent part of this week investigating their own questions about the Anglo-Saxons. Following their research, they have then spent the afternoon creating their own information text, completed in the style of their choice. Children thought carefully about how to present the information and have choices include PowerPoint, Word, Publisher and writing / drawing a poster.

The children have worked with great focus throughout, discussing the relative merits of different presentation techniques and evaluating the effectiveness of their choices.