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Superhero Mrs Sabir!

Today wasn’t a good day. Today was a sad day. Today we said goodbye to Mrs Sabir.

All of the children and adults are going to miss her.

She has helped us all in so many varied ways this year. Not only has she taught us throughout the year, bringing fun to our learning, but she also is always there to listen. If ever we struggle with things in school or at home she is there for us. She listens, offers advice and helps us through our problems.

This year wouldn’t have been the same without her.

To celebrate how brilliant she is, we created our own versions of Mrs Sabir the super-hero.

We really hope to see her again soon. It is good though to know that she will be able to spend more time with her children from now on.

Video: Bullying rap

Year 5 completed their own Bullying rap this week.

They worked hard to narrate a story in their rap to highlight how a bully can affect people.

They worked well in their groups creating the lyrics, rhyming words and creating a beat.

Below is a rap written by Wana and Fabian – click to enlarge.

Watch some of their creations below:

Writing a rap

Today Kestrels continued with their music- appraising, practicing and writing a rap.

We heard a lovely piece of music today by Johann Strauss -Radetzky Marsch

It was an unusual piece and it was lovely to hear the children appraise it:

Great listening skills Year 5- you are getting great at appraising pieces of music.

The class went on to having another go at the rap and learning more of the verses. Then they got down to writing their own! Some budding songwriters in the class. Watch this space for performances of their raps…

Relationships- Put ups and Put downs

Today Kestrels carried on their discussion about how we feel and how we help each other. The class had some lovely examples of “put ups”- where you say things to make someone feel better.

The class then wrote down examples of things than be said as put downs and put ups.

Many wanted to reiterate “It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it.” As this can be be the reason why people become upset.

The class certainly knew lots of ways to help people feel better- keep putting that into practice Ketrels.

Managing uncomfortable feelings

Ketrels spent some time today discussing feelings. We discussed how our day can be filled with a number of emotions, some we openly show and others we sometimes hide. Keeping emotions held can be difficult depending on what it is, anger, upset, jealousy, pride, joy..the list goes on.

The class shared how our behaviour changes with our emotions and why it is good to talk to friends/family/adults about our feelings. It was great to hear the class being very mature about the types of issues that arise and the feelings they evoke. Also how they can help each other with resolving an issue or even just listening to someone.

Well done Kestrels.