Monthly Archives: September 2017

Predicting and measuring hollies

Year 5 Kestrels spent the afternoon looking at different holly leaves, their length and how many spikes they have. They began by predicting what they thought they would find out about these two factors.

Kaicie: I think the shorter the leaf is the more prickles it will have on it.

We had some good fun measuring the length of the leaves and counting the spikes. Afterwards the children used their data they had collected to create a scatter graph. They worked super hard and completed so much work. What a great afternoon!

Changing elements of the ‘Zelda’ story

Year 5 have been looking at ‘Zelda’ – the tale of fear written by Pie Corbett. They have loved learning the story off by heart and have changed various elements of the story to make it their own. They can now recite the story simply by looking at the pictures. Next week they will be changing the story completely and applying the skills they have been taught, such as simple short sentences and personification.

Photosynthesis using microscopes

To begin their photosynthesis topic in Year 5, we discussed what we already knew about leaves. Year 5 had lots of really good ideas.

We then used our microscopes to examine different leaves. We did get a bit carried away and we found lots of other interesting things to examine under the microscope!

Overall, Year 5 had a very good lesson and worked really hard to produce some good sketches of what they could see on the leaves.

Take a look at how they looked under the microscope!