Monthly Archives: May 2018

Digital editing

Year 5 Kestrels have spent part of the afternoon finishing off their digital media topic. After taking photos of the school grounds, the and children have been spending time digitally editing these photos. The overall aim was to make our photos look more appealing to the viewer. Take a look at some of the finished pieces below.

Katie’s digital editing


A Buddhist visitor

Today, Year 5 had a visit from a Buddhist. He started the session with performing a Buddhist ritual and asked the children lots of questions about what they thought he was doing. They made a very good assumption and asked if he was greeting the Buddha that was sat on the table. He then spoke to the children about different Buddhist beliefs.
They then had a go at meditating. The children appeared to feel very relaxed.

They finished with an opportunity to ask the Buddhist any questions that they had. They all had lots of interesting questions to ask him, including ‘Why do all of the Buddha statues have long ears?’ Apparently there is a myth that states that you can recognise if someone’s a Buddha through whether they have long ear lobes.

Video: Learning about kinetic energy

In Science, Year 5 have started their new topic, energy. Today we had a quick lesson looking at springy toys. We discussed what happens when you a springy toy and why this happens. We learnt that when the toy is pressed down the strain creates elastic potential energy. Then when the rubber plates separate and the toy flies into the air the kinetic energy has been created and released.

I think the children enjoyed playing with the toys the most… take a look at some of the pictures below.

4 a-day Maths

In 4 a-day Maths recently, Year 5 Kestrels have been recapping fractions. Today they were finding fractions of amounts.

The children now take it in turns to explain each question using the whiteboard to the rest of the class. They are getting very good at this, they even ask their peers lots of questions, it seems to be building their confidence!

Discussing forgiveness

Today in PSHE, Year 5 have been discussing forgiveness, following on from their last discussion on friendships ending.

We began by discussing how we might feel when we are angry with someone or a friend. We then spoke about forgiveness and what this looks like.

Miss Edwards then read a story to the class about two girls called Kelly and Sacha. The two girls had feel out and the children had to think about whether Sacha should forgive Kelly for what she had done.

We had a mixture of opinions but most of the children ageeed that it would be best for Sacha to forgive Kelly because they have been friends a very long time, and everyone deserves a second chance.

Making others feel good

Following on from yesterday the class looked at how to make others feel good.

The class had lots of great ideas:
• making them something
• taking them out
• talking about nice things

The class then looked at “put downs”. They discussed what they were:
• saying unkind things, like they were not good at something
• reminding them of bad memories
•spreading rumours or making fun of someone

Anything that makes someone feel smaller and upset can be a put down and the class talked about what that looks like in a person.

“They feel smaller.”
“They don’t feel happy.”
“They feel upset.”

Where to go for help

In PSHE Year 5 have been discussing where to go for help, both offline and online.

We spoke about lots of different help that you could need and where you would go for it.

A lovely idea from Cara was to go to your teddy bear for help. We decided that talking to a teddy bear might be a good way to get things off your chest and this might help you feel a sense of relief.

We then spoke about receiving online. After realising that Mr Baddhan is where we go in school if we need help about online safety concerns. The children have been shown the CEOP website and how to report an incident on here.

They know that they can access this through the school website and have been shown the steps to take.

You can see the CEOP website through our online safety page on our website – click here.

Embarrassing situations

Year 5 looked at embarrassing situations today. We have all been there… but how do we deal with them?
The children came up with lots of different ways of dealing with those awkward moments:

Walking away
Laughing it off
Counting to 10 to calm down
Finding a calming activity to occupy yourself
Saying “It’s not that bad!”
Talk to someone about it

The children worked through a number of scenarios and thought about how embarrassing they felt they were-
“Your mum kisses you at the school gate and some older children see you.”
“You copied your friends spelling test and your teacher has found out. She then accuses you and your friend of cheating.”

The children then put the embarrassing scenarios in order of how embarrassing they felt they were- it was interesting to see how differently the children placed the scenarios. We all see situations differently and don’t feel embarrassed by the same things.