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Hey there year 5, I hope you are all well and keeping busy.

I have listed 10 spellings for you to practise so you don’t forget them completely!

Get someone to test you on them.

I will put 10 new ones on each Friday.

All the words below have had either a suffix or a prefix added:


Stay safe and hope we see each other again soon.

Mrs Calbreath

Opposing conjunctions

This morning, year 5 started mind mapping reasons for not doing their home work, these reasons are going to be written in an email form to Mrs Butterworth!

Kestrels had some brilliantly creative ideas; the homework was completed in secret agent pen and is therefore invisible, the home work was accidentally folded into a paper plane and flew away on a gentle breeze, somehow the pet fish escaped from its bowl landed on the home work and made it wet!

Under our reasons, we made a list of opposing conjunctions we could use when writing the email.

Designing our bridges

This afternoon Kestrels in year 5 started designing their bridges, working together in small groups, we thought carefully about the design brief and the materials we have available.

We were asked to make a bridge that would connect two towns separated by water, our bridge would go over the water and needs to allow boats to go under it and cars to go over it. When designing we need to think about scale… is our bridge going to be one way or a two way bridge?

We need to decide if it if is going to have a drawbridge to allow the boats to go under and if we incorporate this into our design… how is it going to work?

Sophie used the bridge she made at home for inspiration.

Kenny and Joey worked really well together, they came up with different ideas and took the best aspects of each one and amalgamated them together into one fantastic design!

Some final designs in progress…

Once our design was finished, we could start planning how we are going to make it.

Analysing a piece of music

This afternoon year 5 had music, Kestrels listened to theme tune to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, which first aired in the 80s! We discussed whether we liked the song or not, we also discussed the verses and noticed, there are no choruses!

We clapped our hands and clicked our fingers along with the beat.

We stood up and clapped along with the beat of Will Smith’s rap.

We took it in turns in small groups to clap a rhythm to 4 beats and the rest of the class clapped it back.

We sang/rapped along with Will!

In a future Music lesson we will be given the opportunity to write our own rap!

Fact files about Queen Elizabeth I

Today, Kestrels in year 5 finished their fact files about Queen Elizabeth I in History.

We then learnt about The Spanish Armada and ordered the events that happened.

The picture we inferred from earlier in the week was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth I to celebrate defeating The Spanish Armada. We then understood why she had her hand on the globe in the painting!

We finished the lesson by reading a newspaper report about Henry VIII marrying Anne Boleyn, this will help us when we start to write our report about The Spanish Armada.

Queen Elizabeth I

In today’s history lesson we focused on Queen Elizabeth I in year 5. Looking at a picture of her, we inferred things about her. For example, from her clothing Chandler said she could be childish as she had a lot of bows on her dress. Niah inferred that she could be interested in fashion and that’s why she’s wearing that style of dress.

Using a fact file we could also read and find out facts about her. We learnt that she, like her father Henry VIII, was a Protestant when she felt threatened by her cousin, who was a Catholic, Elizabeth had her cousin’s head cut off!