Monthly Archives: October 2020

Designing a Viking-style bag

Year 5 have finished their Viking & Anglo-Saxon topic. They showed they’re incredible new knowledge in some very high scoring quiz answers. Well done Kestrels!

Today, they started they’re new D&T topic of designing and making a Viking-style bag to hold their stationery. They researched bags already on the market and carried out their own market research to ascertain what their class mates and teachers thought about the bags they had chosen to research. Tomorrow we will have a go at sewing to demonstrate a seam allowance. Watch out for the photos.

New book predictions

Year 5 have started a new book ‘How to live forever’. It is an incredible book written by Colin Thompson. The pages are full of colour and intrigue and the children began their first session studying the first few pages in detail with a magnifying glass… a first for some of the children, in English anyway! We made our predictions as to what the story would be about and can’t wait to see if their predictions were correct.