Monthly Archives: December 2020

Studying Monet

Year 5 have had a very enjoyable Art topic this term studying Monet. They have practised their sketching skills and applied all the painting techniques to produce some really lovely pieces of art. They finished with an evaluation of their work and assessed how their finished pieces could be Improved.

Appraising a piece of music

Year 5 have completed their music topic this week and have demonstrated a real love of the subject. They spent time learning the words associated with the topic as well as the various notes they would be using to compose their own song.

They were introduced to an American rock song and studied it in detail, commenting on the various elements of the song, using all their new acquired vocabulary.

They then devised their own tunes on the glockenspiels and wrote the music to go with it.

They are quite an accomplished bunch of musicians.

Friction investigation

Year 5 have ended their forces topic with an investigation into friction. They were asked to test various materials to see which one would be the most suitable material for a set of breaks for a tricycle. They had to decide which variables they would change and which ones would need to stay the same, in order for a fair test to be carried out. It was a fun filled lesson and the children now have an excellent knowledge of both water and air resistance and friction.