Monthly Archives: September 2021


Year 5 had a fabulous time this week learning about crochets, quavers and rests. They are now able to write their own short compositions using language to help them clap to the beat such as ‘fly’ for a crochet and ‘spider’ for a quaver.


Today year 5 continued with their Art topic; studying the work of Claude Monet. They learnt about him as a person, how he liked to paint and how influential he was in the area of ‘Impressionism’. The children listed the 6 main ideas that define Impressionism and next week, they’ll have a go at creating a colour palette to demonstrate their understanding.


What is it like in Norway?

Last week, year 5 started their Geography topic on Norway and Wales. They have been learning all about the country’s similarities and differences and focusing on the cities of Cardiff and Oslo. They have studied atlases and digimaps to locate various places on their maps. Today, they focused on the different climates of both cities. They learnt about what life is like in Norway, why not ask them what they learnt?

Claude Monet

Our topic this year in Art is Claude Monet. The children were given a jigsaw of one of his paintings and had to assemble it to see just what the impressionist’s work was like. They are looking forward to creating their own colour palette this week and delving more into the artist’s life and work.

Using Scratch

Computing has started in year 5 and the children have been using Scratch to generate moving characters that can talk. It’s been a lot of fun hearing them record their own voices to add to their characters…we’ve even had a talking doughnut! They are a talented bunch and can’t wait for next week’s lesson where they can build on their programming skills.


Year 5 looked at Scratch today. They began by showing all the things they have learnt from before…which is quite a lot! It was impressive to see how the class helped each other to complete a sequence and edit the sequence to change the timings etc.

ERIC in the Library

Today Year 5 had a chance to see the newly-sorted, fantastic library!
The books flew off the shelves, as the class devoured them. The Dog Man series was very popular, as well as some of the beautifully illustrated factual books.
We just can’t wait for our next session!

Earth and Space

Year 5 have begun their science topic of Earth And Space. The children had lots of facts to share with each other and over the topic we will be able to clarify some of these ideas.
The children have some rocket words which are key topic words – these will be reviewed each lesson.
Our rocket words for this topic are:
Nicolous Copernicus
Ask Kestrels if they can explain them to you. We are trying to remember them and their definitions.
We also looked at the planets in the Solar System. We have learnt a mnemonic to help remember the order of the planets. It is:
My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles
Have a look at Jessica’s super neat work.


Year 5 had their first PE session today. They impressed Mr Gill with their listening skills, organisation and teamwork. They managed to play on 4 separate pitches and rotate their groups to play each other. Well done Year 5.