Monthly Archives: December 2021

Hand Hockey

Today Year 5 had a great PE lesson. They were practising their catching skills ready for games of hand hockey!
In their groups they used their catching skills to pass the ball skilfully to each other in order get the ball past the goal keeper and into the goal. They needed great teamwork and precision to get the balls into the goal.
Well done Year 5.

Composing Music

Year 5 were experimenting with composing music today. They had to think about the number of beats in each bar, which notes would be able to work together to fit into the four beats and the melody they wanted to make.
They had to write the musical notation for their pieces of music too.
A lot of fun was had, lots of hard work in composing was done and some lovely tunes were made.
Have a listen to Jess and Ava’s compositions.
The class went on to evaluate their pieces of music. They had to think about what went well as well as what could have been improved.
For some, they had made quite complicated arrangements, so they were hard to perform fluently. They needed to keep looking at their notations which stopped the flow of the sound.

ERIC in the Library

Year 5 were back in the library today for their ERIC time. The buzz in the library is great to hear as they hunt for known authors, the next book in the series or sit and enjoy their current reading book. It is truly inspiring to see how much Year 5 enjoy reading.
They are always recommending books to each other, and many have two or more books being read at any one time. One from the school library, one from the class library and another from home!
Keep it up Year 5.


Today year 5 learnt about the verb “avoir” which means “to have”.
They had to learn that there are many different forms of the verb depending on whether you are talking about a male or female or if there is one person or more!
They created an excellent table which helped them refer back to the correct term for the sentence they wanted to say.
They even heard and learnt a song which helped them remember.


Yesterday year 5 looked at Anglo-Saxons and artefacts. They had to examine the photographs carefully to determine what they thought the artefacts were and what they may have been used for.  There was a lot of interesting discussions and some really made excellent arguments for why they believed items to be for certain uses.
Many of the children used their knowledge of existing items around us to base their ideas on. Some also used the knowledge that they have gained so far of the Anglo-Saxon times.
A very impressive lesson Year 5. Keep working well in your groups, sharing ideas and being confident with your explanations.